Friday, November 26, 2004

Who is the head judge who decides how we live our lives?

People judge each other many diffrent ways. How we dress,how we act,how we talk,where we're born. These are not proper basis on how to treat our fellow man. Everybody lives their life one way or another. The decisions we make, make up who we become. If someone gets caught up in a buisness and devotes their life to it they become hard working but aren't much of a people person. Someone who lives their life at home reading books gains knowledge, but not experience, of the outside world. Every decision you make can and will shape the kind of person you are. That is why in life you are your own judge. People around you may have their diffrent opinons about you but that is NOT what matters. It's what kinda person that you are that is what is really important. People get in fights to prove themselves, to protect the ones they love, to try to gain respect so that the world may look up to them and see them for who they really are. It is not the fighter that kills his enemy that deserves respect, it is the one that spares the others life that we should respect. The kind of person that knows the value of human life and can accept a person for who they are and get past the bad qualitys is who we should look up to. If someone bumps into you and makes you drop your books, they are the ones you should pity, and the person that runs over and helps you pick up your books, is truly a great person. You may hate and dispise a person but you must pity them at the same time for the poor choices they have made in life that have made them that way. But of course theres always a yin for every yang. Theres at least some good or bad in everybody. Someone that cheats, steals, and lies may find someone dying on the street and help save their life while someone that has done nothing but give to the community, always helps out, and has never told a single lie in their life may one day find them selves standing over a dead body and covered in blood. So remember that it is the choices that you make in life,there may not exactly be a right or wrong answer to every decision in life but every decision you make will effect you some how wether it be good or bad. Other peoples opinions are nothing but opinions and do not shape who you really are.

My inpiration for this was Loki. I hope it helps those who read this in one way or another.

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