Monday, November 15, 2004


Ok I'm gonna try and make up for that sappy entry last time so heres something completely random. I have 2 ideas for short stories. The first I thought of in english today when I was thinking that imaginary friends should be able to vote then suddenly for no reason I thought what if all imaginary friends be came real and decided to take over the world? Ok not exactly a solid idea (that and I think I'll try and stop thinking of random things taking over the world) but I'm most likely gonna do something along those lines. Another idea I was thinking of was a reality show like The Real World with The Grim Reaper (who is actually a girl),a hippie , a 90 year old ninja, a alien obsessed with burnt toast, a lemming that wants to run for president, and an apple. They then have to live in trailer park for 3 months with nothing to eat but spam. (and if for some reason that you can't tell I just had sugar)

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