Saturday, November 27, 2004

There is no escape.....

Everybody has their problems wether it be school, chores, money, love, or trying to decide right from wrong. Everybodys problems are unique and everybody has their own way of deeling with them. Some people smoke, drink, or do other drugs to get away from their problems. Others run, eat, watch T.V., read a book, meditate, write, to try and keep their mind off problems. But in the end, no matter what you do, there is no easy way getting away from your problems. There is only one good, and healthy, way to get over your problems. And that is to suck it up and deal with! Don't turn into a drug addict or gain 30 pounds or rot your brain just because theres a little speed bump in life! Do the best you can to deal with your problems and get on with life! Just because you have a "big math test" doesn't mean you should eat a tub of rocky road ice cream! Just because your girlfriend left you doesn't mean you should become a drug addict and die a horrible painful death by lung cancer! Just because your parents split up doesn't mean you have to learn the name of every character on pokemon! And don't start smoking tobacco and say "I'm not avoiding life im just taking a little break from it." Your just making it harder on yourself because when you get off your high or pokemon is over or you finish your book or you eat the last gallon of ice cream your problems are still there. Your just prolonging the inevitable and making it harder to deal with your problems be putting it off. If some hills in life are a little bit steeper or higher than others just get put your good pair of mountain climbing shoes and start climbing and the sooner you start the faster you will be over with it and you can get on with life. Not all problems last forever but not everyone has the time to wait for someone else to build a tunnel through the hill. Everybody is dying of a disease and you only have a little time to live. That disease is life. Everyone is dying right now. If you knew you only had a week to live would you just sit on your ass watching T.V.! Well everytime you put off studying or mope around or just run around in circles or getting high your just wasting perecious time! What I'm trying to say (and I swear this is the last time I'm gonna say it) GET OFF YOUR ASS, SUCK IT UP YOU BIG BABY, AND GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!

(This is not directed towards anyone person in general but towards everyone who is living or at least undead)

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