Saturday, November 13, 2004

my thoughts about love

I have noticed something that greatly seperated humans from other animals. We have changed the meaning of love. Originally love was ment for 2 people to find each other,mate,have children,then it starts over. But now people have love less sex and sex less love. Now people have changed love to something more. There are many ways to display love. Showering them with gifts,hugging,kissing,sex, but of course anyone can give someone a gift or hug (well it might be awkward hugging some random guy on the street) so its really hard to show true love. The way I see it theres only one way to truely show that you care about someone. And that is to always be there. Always be there and try and comfort each in times of need. Love is a tricky thing to try and find. You cant go looking for love because the harder you look people are only going to take advantage of you but you can't just sit around and hope it falls in your lap on a silver platter. Because of how hard it is to find true love the ones that have truely are the lucky one.

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SnootchieBootchie said...

gosh eric-ness..thats kinda sad but indeed it has opend my mind..i hope u have fun on ur date..ohh smootchie smootchie...HAHA...anyways....ttyl snoogens i guess