Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Month of Improvement

Well this is really less of a post and more of a kind of note to myself. Latelly I've been thinking about how lately I've had soo much stuff to do and that I want to do and I need to schedule and plan. So I just thought to myself "Well, I want to improve one somethings as well so why not schedule some time in for those to?" So next week I'm going to start. First week will be about reading since I got some really good books at the school library, for the entire week I will try to watch as little T.V. as I can (but I'm not going to completely give up O.o I can't live without my Full Metal Alchemist!) and just read. Next week I will work on Kung Fu and practice my forms and write down all the stuff I know in my notebook since testing is coming up soon and we need to write everything we know in a notebook. Then the week after that I will get to practicing my trumpet, try to get my tounging faster, practice the things we're going to play for the concert, practice the harder parts in my pep band music (since state basketball is coming up) and be able to play higher notes cleaner. It just bugs me how instruments like the piano and guitar and such anyone can easily play a high note instantly while wind based instruments have to constantly work at it...And then the fourth week (which wont be a week soo much as probably a month) I will work on physically improving. Black Belt test is coming up in three months and I need to be able to hold and the stances for 15 minutes each (and there are 5 stances which means an hour and fifteen minutes of standing and you have to go as low as you can x.x ugh, torture. Well at least it's not as bad as first degree black >.> bending a piece of metal with your throat e.e at least I can't get that till I'm 18) that and I kinda want to get a little more buff for Loki's sake XP I'm kinda flabby around the middle. Maybe I'll eat healthier but thats harder than to start flossing and everybody knows starting to floss is about as hard as trying to give up a crack no promises.