Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Never felt better n.n (well, almost. damn procrastinating...)

Well I sure feel great n.n Christmas was good. I got some Adam Sandler movies, UHF DVD, boom box, Gorillaz Demon Days cd, a really cool camera, Family Guy seasons 1 and 2, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones for PS2, Homer Simpson pjs (different then my others. I ripped the already though x.x why is it always the front to rip?...) and a really cool gamer T-shirt ^^ I love it. It lists "The Things Video Games Teach us." It has a picture from the old space invaders and it says:
*There is no problem that cannot be overcome by force.
*If it moves, DESTROY IT!
*Piloting any vehicle is simple and requires no training.
*One lone "good guy" can defeat an infinte number of "bad guys."
*Make sure you eat all food lying on the ground.
*You can break things and get away with it.
*You can push other vehicles off the road and get away with it.
*If someone dies, they disappear.
*If you get mad enough, you can fight even better.
*You can overcome most adversaries simply by having enough quarters.
*You can operate all weapons without training.
*No matter how long you fight, you can always fight again.
*Death is reversible (only for you!)
*Ninjas are common and frequently fight in public.
*Whenever big fat mean guys are about to croak, they begin flashing red or yellow.
*You never run out of ammunition, just grenades.
*All women wear revealing clothes and have great bodies.
*Shoot everything. If it blows up or dies, it was bad.
*Don't worry if your vehicle crashes and explodes. A new vehicle will appear in its place.
*A thousand-to-one odds against you is NOT a problem.
^^ It's great. Also this year I have spent the most ever on presents for my friends. I got Loki Soul Calibur 2 for Xbox and a shirt with a squirrel holding a baseball bat with a pile of nuts and it says "Protect your nuts!" XD she loved it. (I got it straight from Victoria's Secret *wink*) I really wanted to get her this other one with two squirrels on it where one is twirling a bra in the air and the other has a beer and it says "Squirrels gone wild!" but they were out T.T I'm glad it fits lol x.x I was really worrying about that since they only had them in mens, I dont know the difference between men and womans sizes but she said it was a lil big but thats better than too small lol. I got my friend Kim a neon orange Nike shirt since she loves orange and thinks it's sexy (A little too much at times though. Shes like "Look at my orange sexy cup! You know your turned on!" XD) I got Joel Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Alec a shirt that has a picture of a pirate flipping off a ninja and it says "Pirates are way cooler than ninjas" But his gift is what got me to go on this big present buying thing. I bought myself a shirt that has a picture of a ninja flipping off a pirate and it says "Ninjas are way cooler than pirates" and since he says pirates are better and I say ninjas are, and because he can't order stuff off the internet (I got it here I decided to get for him as a present. But since I bought him a present I knew I should get Kim a present and I thought I might as well get Joel a present lol. (I was always gonna get Loki a present anyways.) All together I spent around 20$ on each person coincidentally (well Loki was a little more but only maybe 2$-5$ more. So if your reading this Loki, don't feel cheap! XP It's not that much.) I haven't gotten any presents to my friends yet except Loki's since I don't know where Kim or Alec live and I forgot to give Joel his when he came over last so I'll remember when I go over to Joe's house and I'll give Kim and Alec their presents when I go back to school on the 2nd. Speaking of school, I have a paper on cystic fibrosis I have to write that I haven't started at all x.x it's like the religion project all over again...Well at least this one isn't a huge chunk of my grade although it is worth a bit. Plus it's only an essay so I'll get that done in like an hour or two. Cystic fibrosis is this genetic disease where your lungs get filled with mucus and it becomes difficult to breath. It's something your born with since it's on a certain gene and the natural mucus that protects your lungs can't be processed correctly and your body creates lots of salt, so it's often tested by getting a sample of sweat. They also say that your skin tastes salty O.o but I really don't know how they first found that out...And speaking of odd facts they say that men are often sterile because of the disease which is also weird...And on to more weird things! (wow, thats like 4 segways in a row! I am goooooood!) Loki and I had THE most open, awkward, and serious (some parts not so serious though XD poor kitties...) conversation I have ever had in my life. And I just feel great ^^ I mean, it's amazing how open and trusting we were to each other and we were able to share things that none of us has ever told anyone, and although I was shaking but after some breathing exercises I learned in kung fu I was fine and didn't end up having a heart attack. It was kind of like sprinting, at first it was hard but it soon got ALOT easier and afterwards I felt euphoric ^^ (euphoric= really really good incase you didn't know lol I wasn't high on E O.o) It was good we could finally talk about what has been on our minds. I knew Loki was thinking about it and she knew that I might be thinking of it, but neither of us could really come out and say it I guess. I'm not going to say what it was just incase someone might accidently stumble across this, but it was something important that sooner or later we had to talk about. As to if we ever "participated" in what we were talking about I guess I had to think about how we would deal with the aftermath...I suppose I couldn't exactly tell my parents, they would in time probably have to except it but the first person I would talk to about it would actually be my sister. Even though at times I do talk about how me and my sister are different we are the same in the way we think of things. She is a deep thinker at heart believe it or not and we are close underneath it all. Most of the time we are in different rooms and when we are within earshot of the other we hardly ever say a word. But when we are in the mood to talk then it's often about things such as life, love, government, world problems, religous ideas, or maybe just movies or whatever we are watching together. In the summers we usually have these types of conversations when we walk to the 76 or to the elementary school to play on the equipment (which are both about a mile or two there and back) But like I was saying, she is still a teenager as well and she understands things the same way I do. Speaking of family (thats 5 segways now I think lol) my grandpa passed away the day after christmas. He was in his 80s and his prostate cancer had spread. I just felt bad that I didn't get to know him all that well, even though last time I saw him. But I felt really guilty but after talking to Loki I felt better ^^ she always helps just being there to talk to and offering her ideas. Giving it some thought I suppose, even though it is my fault I didn't get to know him thats not something to feel horrible about. I can't beat myself up for every little thing I don't do and I should learn from my mistakes and experiences. I will at least try to get to know my family better and I will be sure to not let what happened to him happen to me. Since prostate cancer is possibly hereditary I know what it can do. Both my grandpas had it, but my dad's dad luckily had himself checked before it got bad and although he was weakened by the treatment he still lives today. But yeah I'm done now O.o holy crap...I thought I would just write like maybe 6 sentences XD I write too much...