Sunday, December 26, 2004

My problem

Who wants to hear about my life? Huh anyone? Well I'm gonna say what I've been meaning to say for a long time. I am in love and I'm confused,worried,happy,sad,and fucking scared right now. Loki has a dangerous life and there is nothing I can do to help her. Everyday I sit in my room thinking "I hope she's ok." I know she can handle herself in a fight but I worry. If I was there I would try to help her get through the best I can and try to comfort her after what just happened but all I can do is write. If she was in a hospital bed hooked up to a breather dieing slowly all I can do is sit here worry my ass off and just try and imagine what happened while I click clear off pop ups. I am confused and nobody can help me. I have never been in love until I met Loki and I'm as close to 100% sure about that as I possibly can be but there is always that sliver of doubt that overcomes me from time to time. The worst part is my family can never know about it. All they would do is judge and make fun of me. They can never know about what is happening or 1 of 3 things will happen. 1 I will never get a chance to see Loki or 2 make fun of me for being in love or 3 they will make me take counciling. Not many people have my kind of problem. I'm sort of like a worried parent while their child is in a war. All I can do is write to her and worry if she's ok 24/7. If your reading this Loki you know how much I worry about you sometimes and I don't want you to get upset about that. I know every word I write in this you get more and more anxious about summer and your mind gets more cluttered. All that I'm asking is for you to do is be careful sometimes. I know your true to your word and will most likely go to the "new years eve party" and you should know what I'm talking about when I say that. Next time you get a chance please come online because I really want to talk to you about something.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Im starting a new project

O.k. I'll just give the highlights of my day. Loki drew my this AMAZING picture of a dragon and gave me it as an early christmas present! ^.^ and......Yeah thats pretty much the only interesting thing. I knew I had to repay her somehow so I begged and begged her to let me buy her a present. She finally (not happily) said it was ok but only if it wasn't that big. I looked around a couple stores while my mom went christmas shopping. I couldn't find anything so I'm planing on writing her a letter and a christmas card and writing her something. I don't exactly know what to write about yet but I might have some ideas. I'm gonna try to keep the sappy-ness to a minimum but no guarentees. I'm gonna work on it for a couple weeks and do as many drafts as I can and spend as much time as possible on it. (whatever it is)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

another sappy entry

Some friends beat each other up for the fun of it, some open up to each other, some play video games together, some just like the same band, some don't have anything in common other than they like to talk to each other. There are many diffrent kinds and degrees of friendship. Some you just say hi to as you pass them in the hall while others you talk to for hours on end. Some you dont talk much about your thoughts, only about if you saw the newest episode of simpsons and others you talk about your thoughts about life. Everybody needs a friend they can go to for help or talk to about who's dating who or talk about the news. No matter what kinda friend they are they mean something to you. Some friends you would loan a dollar once in a while and others you would take a bullet for. Everybody needs at least one friend. Some people live their whole life alone saying they are happy about their solitude but on the inside they are sad and lonely. Some kids have 20 friends while others have only 1 or 2. But the kid with only a couple friends could be more happy than the one with 20 because it doesn't matter how many friends you have its the quality of friends thats important. The kid thats really popular has so many friends he can't keep track and focus on building relatinships with their friends because there are so many while the unpopular person has friends that will defend them and always be there for them. It's like that old saying quality over quantity. I have friends that I goof off with, friends I write storys with, friends that help me with homework, friends I express inner thoughts with, and some friends have grown beyond just normal friendship. SUPER FRIENDSHIP DO DO DOOO! Just kidding. I don't exactly have soo many friends that I dont remember their names but I have a few of every kind and each one is as insane as the next and thats what counts. Everybody needs friends and without them many people would be lonley and depressed all their life. I have a couple friends that get into fights (if they're reading this you know who you are) slapping each other, throwing each others books, poking each other in the ribs, arguing about some random topic telling each other to shut up untill I have to step in and tell them both to shut up. But soon after its all over and they swear they're never talking again they just go back to being the best of friends. That is a great display of friendship in a way. Even after constant fighting they are still great friends and don't let much come between them. In fact one of them was threating me thinking I was taking their place. But soon we were all jumping around singing Lifes Gonna Suck When You Grow Up. So don't let little things come in between your friendship with someone. Just try to deal with it and go back to being friends. Just because you have a fight over what movie you want to see doesn't mean you should never talk to each other again.

Part 2:The Devious Plot

This is part 2 of the mini series the Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers mini series part of the collection Insanity at its Finest. This is a actual conversation in a chat room i made and is edited in no way except for the spacing and the amount of exclamation marks. These are actual people and please dont attempt any of these stunts at home. And now we return to where we last left off.....

trupaokl: *lights chipmunks on fire*
kyael_san: dead chipmunks? WTF?!?!?!
electric_pretty_kitty: -beats him with an overcooked muffin-
electric_pretty_kitty: SHUT UP
trupaokl: *kicks him into well to muffin hell*
kyael_san: mmm muffins, *eats the muffin*
trupaokl: ummmmm those arent muffins...........
kyael_san: it needs something... *whips out some cream cheese*
electric_pretty_kitty: no you cant eat that muffin!
trupaokl: tats your foot................
electric_pretty_kitty: DONT YO UKNOW WUT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU??!!!electric_pretty_kitty: hobbets will crawl out of your ass!
kyael_san: thats not my foot, n I dun care muffin good
electric_pretty_kitty: look theres one already!
kyael_san: good I can be their god now!
trupaokl: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
electric_pretty_kitty: THE HAVE
electric_pretty_kitty: N
electric_pretty_kitty: NO GOD
trupaokl: ATTACK FROTO!
electric_pretty_kitty: THE FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED
electric_pretty_kitty: FROTO MUST DIE!
kyael_san: *orders his hobbit army to attack them*
trupaokl: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kyael_san: now what do I need to eat for flying monkeys? I need air troops...
trupaokl: *turkey tapes mouth shut* HA!
kyael_san: *eats through the turkey tape*
kyael_san: mmm turkey
trupaokl: *summons giant flamming jello monster*
kyael_san: ...momy
electric_pretty_kitty: *throws a lemon pogo stick at everyone*
trupaokl: *jello man eats him* VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
electric_pretty_kitty: NOW YOU ALL NEED TO GIVE ME MONEY
kyael_san: *holds up a cd* don't make me post these pics of you 2 on the internet!
trupaokl: hey i was drunk!
trupaokl: and she was just kinda there..........
electric_pretty_kitty: NO
electric_pretty_kitty: not the pix from that halloween party?
trupaokl: yes the halloween party........................
kyael_san: uh huh, the holloween party
electric_pretty_kitty: OH GOD!
kyael_san: I got it recorded of your little 'adventure' in the closet together
electric_pretty_kitty: hey i got the ring back to mordor!
electric_pretty_kitty: SO DHUT UP
electric_pretty_kitty: SHUT UP**
electric_pretty_kitty: YOU BE QUIET
electric_pretty_kitty: I GOT THE RING BACK DAMM IT
kyael_san: bet it would make agood porno, I might even get rich offa it
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
trupaokl: yeah right shes got such small..............fingers
kyael_san: lolkyael_san: soem people have freaky fetishes these days
kyael_san: some^
trupaokl: u could title it rain detecting boobs gone wild!
electric_pretty_kitty: O.O
kyael_san: or "little man in the big mound"
electric_pretty_kitty: or how about
trupaokl: hey tat wasnt me tat was my uncle covered in radishes!
trupaokl: O.O
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
kyael_san: O.o
electric_pretty_kitty: >.<
kyael_san: try me
trupaokl: she'll do it i just know it.........
electric_pretty_kitty: ill do it with my bare hands...
kyael_san: let her
electric_pretty_kitty: buuut
kyael_san: I think yer blufffin
electric_pretty_kitty: you would get to happy about that
electric_pretty_kitty: *wips out a bat with nails in it*
trupaokl: oh tat works to
kyael_san: oh yea? well I got a.. a whip!! ha! *pulls out a leather whip* dont make me use the chains too
trupaokl: O.O r u coming on to her or sumn?
trupaokl: wrong move v.v
electric_pretty_kitty: chains exsite me...HAHAHA -beats his balls with the bat of death-kyael_san: shhhh shes not supposed to know
kyael_san: *has a titanium cup*
electric_pretty_kitty: you just came up with that
electric_pretty_kitty: ohh
electric_pretty_kitty: ...
trupaokl: *wips out big magnet*
electric_pretty_kitty: no
electric_pretty_kitty: i got a better idea
electric_pretty_kitty: HEEHEEHEE
electric_pretty_kitty: ^.^
kyael_san: *whips her across the her rear end*
trupaokl: ELECTRICITY!!?
electric_pretty_kitty: shhhhh
kyael_san: if I can fart lightning bolts do you think electricity will hurt me?electric_pretty_kitty: weelll lets seee what we have here
electric_pretty_kitty: nut..titanium
electric_pretty_kitty: electricity?
electric_pretty_kitty: ....
trupaokl: in the right place yes most likely
kyael_san: electricity no hurt me, I can manipulate and absorb it
trupaokl: but can u absorb peanut butter
kyael_san: who says it wont just... never mind, go for it
kyael_san: peanut butter... I can eat that
electric_pretty_kitty: kyael san you have no face
kyael_san: yush I do
electric_pretty_kitty: you dont
electric_pretty_kitty: AND SOON YOU SHALL HAVE NO BALLS!
kyael_san: umm sorry, they'r stayin with me
electric_pretty_kitty: if you have any...
trupaokl: wait............
trupaokl: just what i was thinking
kyael_san: oh I do I can show you too
kyael_san: in the bed room, whadya say?
trupaokl: *rips off pants* I KNEW IT THEIR JUST GLOF BALLS!
trupaokl: *golf*
electric_pretty_kitty: XD
kyael_san: *has boxers on*
electric_pretty_kitty: LITTLE BOXERS!
electric_pretty_kitty: XD
kyael_san: betcha theyr to big for you
trupaokl: MWHUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
electric_pretty_kitty: uuuuh...yeah i dont have any balls
electric_pretty_kitty: they proubley are?
kyael_san: golf balls are better than Mr.Marbles there *points to trupaolk*
kyael_san: trupaokl^
trupaokl: HEY! *turns around and puts beach balls in pants* whos the man now?electric_pretty_kitty: either both suckj
electric_pretty_kitty: each other
trupaokl: only on tuesdays
electric_pretty_kitty: so u admitt it
kyael_san: I dont suck, only much carpet thursdays for $5
trupaokl: who said hes a guy?
trupaokl: *rips off pants+boxers*trupaokl: see hes a she!

BUH BUH BUUUUUUUUH! Is kyael_san really a girl? Will electric_pretty_kitty get her paws on kyael_sans balls? Will trupaokl and kyael_san really become gay lovers? Stay tuned and find out in part 3 of the Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers mini series coming to Lemming Man Theater soon!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Part 1:Midgets and peanut butter dont mix

This is a conversation I had with some friends on Yahoo messenger. I was a little stranger than usual and hyper. Trupaokl is me, electric_pretty_kitty is my friend Amber, Arykoneko is my friend Taka, and Kyael_san is still a new friend of mine and this is the way I wanted to welcome him to my circle of insane friends. This is going to be a three part thing and I'll put the next part up each day. And I know we have bad spelling and make no sense what-so-ever sometimes but try to follow along. I have not edited this conversation in anyway except for the spacing and the text at the very top and bottom of this entry.

trupaokl: LOOK FUZZ!
electric_pretty_kitty: ok what do you want this time
arykoneko: -blinks-
electric_pretty_kitty: i told you i aint got the stuff
kyael_san: O.o
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
electric_pretty_kitty: o.o
trupaokl: hey i told u to bring it to the peir
electric_pretty_kitty: i know but
trupaokl: i waited a freakin hour!
electric_pretty_kitty: that migdet was squiggly!
electric_pretty_kitty: AND SLIPPERY
trupaokl: the cops almost caught me cause tat damn midget!
electric_pretty_kitty: and you know that much peanut butter can not be good
kyael_san: ... what is this about?
arykoneko: -blinks- h00ba jigga wha?
electric_pretty_kitty: his poor ass
kyael_san: -is lost-
electric_pretty_kitty: BOB will never be the same!
trupaokl: yeah i know im still diggin outta my ears v.v
arykoneko: -hides in the corner- o.o....
electric_pretty_kitty: that poor dog
kyael_san: >.<
electric_pretty_kitty: have peanut butter in your ass?
trupaokl: what u want in on this or sumn kyael?
kyael_san:, sorry I just hate bein called bob
electric_pretty_kitty: welll bob is a dog
electric_pretty_kitty: in the vet
electric_pretty_kitty: because of too much peanut butter
electric_pretty_kitty: and bees
trupaokl: yeah i shoulda bought creamy
kyael_san: thats my grampas name and some people cal me bob.. makes me feel old
electric_pretty_kitty: bees with rabiees
Yahoo! Messenger: arykoneko has left the conference.
trupaokl: guess she didnt want in on the "big one"
electric_pretty_kitty: i know
electric_pretty_kitty: we should do something about here
trupaokl: next time we need a gallon of jelly
electric_pretty_kitty: her*
electric_pretty_kitty: nice and slippery
trupaokl: and some clowns.................
electric_pretty_kitty: but what about the midget?
trupaokl: just give him some makeup
electric_pretty_kitty: the goods have to stay cool in side the midget
electric_pretty_kitty: he cant wear make up--
electric_pretty_kitty: maybe we should talk about this in front of...
electric_pretty_kitty: it...
kyael_san: ... this is interesting n all, but sooo soo sick
trupaokl: ok hide it in the peanut butter and when he has his "fun".....................
trupaokl: yeah we really shouldnt
electric_pretty_kitty: i mean we already said to much
trupaokl: well u know what we have to do
trupaokl: *takes out pepper grinder*
electric_pretty_kitty: ill get the pixie stix
electric_pretty_kitty: *takes out a pixie stix and a rubber duckie*
trupaokl: ok u might feel a little discomfort *takes out peanut butter* but it will be over quick
electric_pretty_kitty: okay 'it" cant remember a thing
electric_pretty_kitty: you got the raccoon?
trupaokl: damn it!
trupaokl: guess well improvise.....
trupaokl: *takes gooses outta pocket*
electric_pretty_kitty: okay that will hurt a little more though
kyael_san: people are wierd
electric_pretty_kitty: SHUT UP YOU@
electric_pretty_kitty: !!
electric_pretty_kitty: GET HIM!
trupaokl: ok the saftey word is bananana fo fanna
kyael_san: *hides*
electric_pretty_kitty: hehehehehe
trupaokl: MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
trupaokl: *prepares the peanut butter* u get his pants!
electric_pretty_kitty: -does horible unspeakable things with a rubber duckie-electric_pretty_kitty: -to his ass-
electric_pretty_kitty: XD
trupaokl: *puts peanut butter on pants and feeds them to the gooses*
electric_pretty_kitty: do you think he can still remmeber?
electric_pretty_kitty: maybe you should get the nails
electric_pretty_kitty: and the golf balls
trupaokl: i knew i shoulda got extra crunchy
electric_pretty_kitty: YOU DAMM FOOOL
trupaokl: ok ill get the tennis balls
electric_pretty_kitty: NOT HARD ENUFF
kyael_san: wtf?!?!
electric_pretty_kitty: GET SOME BASKET BALLS!
electric_pretty_kitty: KYAEL
electric_pretty_kitty: we arent gonna hurt you
electric_pretty_kitty: just do some uuuuuh
electric_pretty_kitty: experiments
trupaokl: they wont sell blenders to minors v.v
electric_pretty_kitty: yes
electric_pretty_kitty: experiments
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
electric_pretty_kitty: just sit still
electric_pretty_kitty: its for uhh nature!!
trupaokl: *takes out probe*yes very still.......
electric_pretty_kitty: nature needs your help!
kyael_san: time for psycho powers usageness! * shoots lightning outta his ass and farts at the same time, making an explosion*
trupaokl: yes or else earth will fall apart!
electric_pretty_kitty: now sit..this is only gonna hurt for like a secound
trupaokl: WTF!
electric_pretty_kitty: but damm
electric_pretty_kitty: wtf is going on!
electric_pretty_kitty: TO MANY FRITOS!
trupaokl: *uses midget as sheild*
kyael_san: let it fall apart, * runs for the hills*
trupaokl: get him tim! *sick midget with peanut butter on him*
electric_pretty_kitty: GO PICKACHUU
trupaokl: *sicks*
electric_pretty_kitty: I CHOOOOOOOOOOSE YOU
electric_pretty_kitty: PIKA PIKAAAAAAAA
electric_pretty_kitty: CHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUU
electric_pretty_kitty: hehe i felt like doing that
trupaokl: *pikachu starts humping starmie*
kyael_san: *opens a can of beans* Don't make me use this!!!
electric_pretty_kitty: OH GOD!
electric_pretty_kitty: -back off-
electric_pretty_kitty: how does he know
electric_pretty_kitty: about the..the beans?
trupaokl: the beans O.O
trupaokl: put down the beans.....
kyael_san: NEVER!!!
trupaokl: u dont know what kinda power your messing with
kyael_san: sure I do
electric_pretty_kitty: -gets to her knees-
electric_pretty_kitty: WHYYY@
electric_pretty_kitty: !!
electric_pretty_kitty: god!
trupaokl: just put them down......
kyael_san: why should I?
electric_pretty_kitty: -wips out a bottle of taco sauce and throws it at kyael-electric_pretty_kitty: TAKE THAT
electric_pretty_kitty: i knew it was a good idea to hold that around
kyael_san: IT BURNSSS!!! MY EYES!!!! *falls to his knees stil holding the beans*
trupaokl: yeah and psychiatrists said it was just cause u worship it tat u carry it around
trupaokl: but it has its uses
electric_pretty_kitty: runs to him throwing dead chipmunks on his face-
electric_pretty_kitty: now he will die!

What will happen next! Will Kyael_san be killed by dead chipmunks? Will Trupaokl find a way to get rid of the doomsday beans that have now been unleashed on this world? What will happen to the midget and his peanut butter! Find out on the next installment of the Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers mini series which is part of the When Insanity Collides series brought to you by Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew! Number one choice of soda among mental patients!