Saturday, November 20, 2004

Is life a game of skill or chance?

I was just watching the movie Bookies and got to thinking is life a bunch of random events that you have to go through and just and pray that your lucky enough to get out on top? Or is everything in life in a predetermined pattern that can be figured out? Well lets take a simple flip of a coin for instance. Everybodys flipped a coin if you cant decide on something. Like if your going to have a mountain dew or dr. pepper,or study for a big math test or just play video games,or even if your going to go out with someone or not. That one coin can send you down many diffrent paths. Sort of like that saying that a butterfly in china can start a chain of events that lead up to a tornado in america. If that coin lands on heads and you decide to drink the dr. pepper instead of a mountain dew your life can completely change. In some wierd accident a screw could have fallen into the dr. pepper,you drink it,nearly choke,sue the company,get rich,live a happy life in beverly hills and live on nothing but dr. pepper for the rest of your life. Or you could drink the mountain dew,get hyper,trip,land on a knife,bleed to death and die. Some people could say that life is nothing but a pattern and once you figure it out you can lead a happy life. But of course it is one tough pattern to figure out because at any given time millions of things could possibly happen. You could be sitting at your desk listening to a song you just downloaded on the internet. At that very point in time many things could happen. The FBI could raid your house and fine you 100,000 for illegal file swaping,you chair could suddenly break,your batterys go out,your headphones break,a meteor hits your house,some random killer could decided to break into your house and club you to death with a sausage (sorry I always try and make my entry at least a little funny),you can just never tell whats going to happen next because theres so many things that can happen and never be predicted. This is my next idea for a mini series. A coin that lets you see the possible out comes of your life. When it is flipped you must make a decision and live through your life and when you die you can return to that very moment where you flipped the coin and make a diffrent decision and live through your life again and see what really would have happened if you made a diffrent decision. The coin can only be used once and in the end you must decide how you want to have lived your life. But would this take all the fun out of life knowing whats going to happen next and always knowing what the right answer to every decision is? Or would it just be more fun knowing how to always come out on top?

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