Saturday, October 10, 2009

My princess in the camo jacket

It was a dance all the way off in woodland. A mormon dance at a church. I always went to the dances every chance that I could and it was especially exciting it was someplace I had never been and I got to drive there and everything. The drive there was fun. Kim and Josh were there in the back seat. Strange to think that Josh is all off in Alabama spreading the word. But in my memory he is there playing gay chicken with tall chicken legged sam in the back of what is known as the pimp mobile. Strange to think i had that car back then. The funny thing is how sam got back there, not trusting kim and josh alone so he ripped the door open and shot out across their laps. But that's beyond the point I started writing.

There was a girl. There always seems to be some girl of some kind in these blogs that no one reads. I just use them as a memory holder, like a catalog of my brain. Boy how I love this memory. But boy how I feel sad when i remember it, but that's beside the point. Her name was Amanda, or so I remember it to be. I barely remember much about her, just the bigger and little of it all. She was a girl obviously. She was attractive. She wore a princess dress which she had borrowed from a friend. Like me she just went to the dance for the fun of it and wasn't connected to the church at all. I broke up with my girlfriend a week ago. She broke up with her boyfriend a week ago. But that's beyond the point.

I don't know how it all started, nor why I let the night end how it did. But I did as I did and that's all that I did. Someway or another we hit it off. We had fun. We danced. There was a swing dance contest going on. We joined in yet we didn't have a clue what we were doing. We laughed. We smiled. We danced.All through out the night we stuck together, we had fun. She almost won the costume contest for the night. Or she did, I can't remember. There was a hula hoop contest and I played along. I didn't know how yet I did anyway. But that's beyond the point.

We danced and we danced some more after that. It wasn't till at least the middle of it all that I noticed her hand. We were dancing and she showed me that one of her hands only had 3 fingers. I don't remember which. But that's beyond the point.

I joked that we chatted and I asked basic stuff. It came to "Do you play an instrument?" I had asked and she said no, pointing out the state of her hand. I joked she could play my trumpet but she smiled and turned down such an offer. I felt something growing inside me. We danced and danced some more. At one point during a dance she looked at me. We held each other, us strangers who knew each other for a night. She looked to me and said "I think I'm falling in love with you..."

And to this day I regret losing her. I regret having her only now as a memory. My princess in a camo jacket who wasn't perfect, but has become perfect in my memory. Hers was the purest of love, the spark of the moment that meant everything. That night is a gem to me, one which I shall never be able to find again...