Sunday, March 09, 2008

For-never say forever again

Well I guess I'll just kinda post this here so not everyone in the world sees it. I believe only 1 or 2 people have the slight chance to see this at all. But anyways. So my crappy situation happens to be with a friend of mine. I've known her since about 6th grade and she's always ridden my bus and we talk on the phone and I can pretty much tell her ANYTHING. She is like the little sister I never had. I mean, she is alot more easy to talk to than my real sister because we just kind of connect. But anyways, the problem is her boyfriend is moving...and he dumped...and he's being ass to her...and she's pregnant...and now she's moving to New York because she can't handle life here because it reminds her of him. Yeah, it's kind of a stack of one thing after the other.

It's just total crap that her boyfriend leaving happened to be at the time when she found out she's pregnant. I mean, gosh. At least she told her parent and they're understanding of it because the same thing happened to her mom and what not. But she definately wasn't planning on getting pregnant at this point in her life, being just a freshman and all. Now she understands why her parents always tried to protect her from Bobby. I mean, it's not that they were out to "hurt her relationship" or that they "don't understand her" it's because they don't want crap like this to happen.

And also she doesn't understand at all why her boyfriend dumped her. He dumped her even before he knew she was pregnant. Sure he was moving but before he always said if one of them moved they could work it out. They always said they would be together forever...but we all know how how long that "forever" really turns out to be. Forever can destroy people, and personally for me saying forever is hard and I just can't see why people would say it. Never say forever is my advice...

But anyways, on to other things that are not soo depressing but are still in a way. Well we went to state in basketball again of course. Mark Morris just plain kicks ass that way. The bus rides up and back were great, 2 hours of playing Metroid Prim Hunters or Mario Kart on our DS's, just plain bugging each other. Course the games were fun as well. I blew my lungs out with my valve trombone. All those other years in pep band when i played trumpet all I ever heard was "Play better!" because I would ever blow and blat, but when I picked up valve trombone all I heard was "Play louder!" I still remember when I was the only trombone at a football game and Laura Mahon was yelling "More trombone!" and I never stopped giving it my all.

I was the loudest person this year pretty much. I just love the sheer endless power the trombone gives me. I figured all those years with trumpet, I was just too powerful for it. On trombone it was just like the louder the better. I blew people temporarily deaf, twas great. Also my traditional charge fanfare during kick offs at football and the ends of basketball games. I just loved when I was the only one and I blasted that fanfare, just listening to the blaring echo.

But it's the end of a generation. The end of the generation of speeches from James, of the band mating call, and even the tradition that I started of the charge. I just can't believe it's been 4 years since that day in disneyland when all of us went down the road of toontown doing the mating call, going down the grizzly river run as a 50 person group. I went to every single state game and I barely missed any pep games ever. But anyways, onto more recent memories.

Well the second to last game was probably the most exciting game I've ever been to. It was crazy, Eric Hutchinson did an alley oop I believe, where the ball is heading toward the basket and he slam dunks it. Also we were done the whole game be pretty much 10 points most of the time and with 7 seconds left in the quarter we were only down by 3 and we would be tied. And then Jyles Peterson scored a 3 pointer and tied it up, everyone just EXPLODED! It was outrageous he made that shot, I was jumping up and down like mad. But in the end, after the overtime we lost. But it was still awesome. The last game wasn't too exciting, just a blow out for us which gave us 3rd place. But what made me sad was the last state game I go on on the band bus...we didn't go down the roller coaster hill. I was just destroyed. EVERYONE loves the roller coaster hill except that fucking bus driver...damn her to hell...

But anyways, memories memories..yeah I'm done now I suppose.