Thursday, January 27, 2005

Part 3: Identity Crisis

Now for the long awaited Part 3 of the infamous Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers Mini Series!!! Sorry for the long wait but I've been kinda busy lately and forgot to put it up. As I have said before this is a actual conversation and has not been edited in anyway except the amount of exclamation marks and some spacing. Prepare for the long awaited ending. Heres a tip, read the other parts first so you can actually get a idea of wtf we're talking about. But theres no guarntee you'll understand it at all even if your either really high or have a thing for rubber rooms.

electric_pretty_kitty: eww
kyael_san: oh yea? *rips of all of trupaokl's clothes* he's just a head on a robot bodie! that has absolutly NOTHIN down there
electric_pretty_kitty: ...this got really disturbing reallllly fast
kyael_san: lol
electric_pretty_kitty: well if he is a robot he doesnt need anything down there does he?electric_pretty_kitty: because robots cant feel
trupaokl: *pulls off robo skin and turns out to be a bunch of lemmings*
kyael_san: well no but my point is he cant get the pleasure of doin it
kyael_san: lesbo is better than nothin dontcha think?
trupaokl: hey i can still get surgery!
electric_pretty_kitty: omg
kyael_san: and what if it malfunctions inside her?
electric_pretty_kitty: OH MY GOD
kyael_san: or explodes
electric_pretty_kitty: AAAAAAAAAAAACK
electric_pretty_kitty: OH MY GOD IM NOT HEARING THIS
trupaokl: who said im gonna do her shes too......................
electric_pretty_kitty: my por littl emind
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
kyael_san: no your just reading it
trupaokl: fat...........
electric_pretty_kitty: i know
electric_pretty_kitty: O.
electric_pretty_kitty: O.-
electric_pretty_kitty: what?
trupaokl: i mean I NEVER SAID ANYTHING!
electric_pretty_kitty: ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ERIC?!?!?!
kyael_san: he called you fat! woop his robo ass
electric_pretty_kitty: ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!
trupaokl: NO!
electric_pretty_kitty: I HAVE CHIPMUNKS!
trupaokl: i was talking about her! *points to kyael*
electric_pretty_kitty: her?
trupaokl: yeah duh
electric_pretty_kitty: thats a her?
electric_pretty_kitty: and her is that?
trupaokl: he got a sex change 2 days ago
electric_pretty_kitty: ..
electric_pretty_kitty: sure
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
kyael_san: *turns sideways looks like just a pair of boobs in the air*
kyael_san: I'm skinny as paper wtf you talkin about?
trupaokl: hey its not whats up top its whats down below
trupaokl: the shoes duh
electric_pretty_kitty: -hits the boobs with a baseball bat-
kyael_san: wow that hurts and feels nice at the same time!!
trupaokl: O.o huh?
kyael_san: painful pleasure
electric_pretty_kitty: no
electric_pretty_kitty: being hit in the boobs WITH ANYTHING
electric_pretty_kitty: never feels good
trupaokl: i think shes coming on to u
electric_pretty_kitty: on any level
electric_pretty_kitty: IT IS PAINFUL HEELLLL
trupaokl: come on go to georgia and get married u 2!
electric_pretty_kitty: eww
trupaokl: can i throw the rice!?
electric_pretty_kitty: i like men thank you
kyael_san: really? then why do girls like them rubbed?
electric_pretty_kitty: MEN
electric_pretty_kitty: GUYS BOYS MEN
kyael_san: I LOVE WOMEN!!
trupaokl: wow a foursome!
kyael_san: wait wait wait, did you sa boys? you petifile!!
kyael_san: say^
electric_pretty_kitty: holy crap im getting the fuck out of here before some one rapes me
kyael_san: LMAO
Yahoo! Messenger: electric_pretty_kitty has left the conference.
trupaokl: LMAO!!!!!
trupaokl: im gonna put this on my blog!
trupaokl: hmmmmmmmm ill make it a 3 part piece
trupaokl: part 1:midgets and peanut butter dont mix
trupaokl: part 2:the devious plot
trupaokl: part 3:identity crisis
kyael_san: lmao!!
kyael_san: rtflol
trupaokl: and then the credits
trupaokl: anything u like to say to the world right now?
kyael_san: yes
kyael_san: I wish she woulda stayed, the rape coulda made a part 4
trupaokl: yeah well ummmm i dont think some of the audience would like tat........kyael_san: oh well
kyael_san: you asked for my coment and I gave it
trupaokl: yeah well anyway im planing on doing this again so stay tuned to the station with all the greatest hits The Lemming Man Theater!
kyael_san: lmao
trupaokl: oh and of course i would like to give thx to mountain dew because without them none of this would be possible
kyael_san: whats moutain dew got to do with it?
trupaokl: alot of things my dear boy
trupaokl: alot of things.........
kyael_san: if you say so

Sunday, January 23, 2005

From crappy as hell to one of the best days of my life!!

Loki has done something for me. Something great. I don't want to say what it is because if I did some of my friends might judge her before they meet her. I never thought that someone would ever change what their lives are like just for me. And I thought I felt guilty when I got a present, this is huge guilt. I just ddin't know what to say after she told me. I know I owe her one. (lol it's not that diffrent really cause I would do anything for her anyway) All I can say really is that she was caught up in something that made me constantly worry about her and she quit. I don't exactly know the rules of it and all but she quit friday. I've done things for her like making her smile, telling her there's always hope, being there when she needs someone to talk to, and showing her that I love her. I get emberrased when I talk about love and it's hard to talk to her on the phone (I hope it's not so awkward in real life) but I've been trying to work on those things. But what she has done is greater. She lifted a huge weight on my shoulders, I may feel guilty, but I thank her for that. For those of you who might go to I posted "I love you Loki and I deeply appreciate what you did for me, thank you" on the front page for the world to see. It may be kinda stupid and cheesey but I wanted to do it. I still owe her a couple thousand more thank you's though. Ok now something even greater. LOKI'S DAD IS SELLING HIS COMPANY AND MOVING TO MY TOWN!!! So Loki can stay alot longer than one day. SHE CAN STAY THE ENTIRE SUMMER OR EVEN LONGER!!!! I just can't wait till summer even more than I did before! At first I was worried we might not get to see each other because she was coming only for 1 day and my and dad are planning a trip to Arkansas to visit my grandparents but they don't know when. But now if everything goes as planned then it's gonna be THE GREATEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!! ^.^

Saturday, January 15, 2005

there needs to be a stronger word for crappy

Sorry about not posting for a while ive been kinda side tracked by random things. (no big surprise huh?) Well this is possibly the worst week ever. First my friends Ashely and Jeremy get into this huge fight over a random subject like they always do and I get caught in the middle. Then I punch Jeremy playfully and he thought it was Ashely so he punched her in the stomache and complained of a stomache ache and later found outit knocked loose a ulcer. She says its going to kill her and I believed her. Later I found out an ulcer is not deadly at all (yeah im a idiot, I know). Now she's going to transfer to a diffrent school because of Jeremy cause the only reason she came to his school was to be with him and now they hate each other. The band sure was happy. On the day she transfers theres most likely gonna be a party. Personally I am beginnging to notice how annoying she is and its getting on my nerves. She also keeps wanting to buy me stuff and that just annoys me because its always some expensive extravagant gift and I feel guilty as hell. Now sorta steering away from school, turns out my aunt is dying next week. At first they said it was going to be 6 months but it turns out the cancer spread faster than they thought. I never knew her so I'm not effected as much as some other members of my family. My dad sure seems to be taking it well even though it's his sister. He hasn't shown any emotion about it at all. Blandly he says "She only has 1 week to live" then switched on the T.V. He is just keeping it inside and thinks he's too much of a man to care about whats happening. I can't believe I am related to him. We are completely diffrent personality wise but everyone says we look and sound alot alike. So in a nut shell my week was complete shit.