Monday, November 29, 2004

Boring journal entry

Well since I havent made a journal entry for awhile i guess Ill tell you bout the last couple days. On thanksgiving I quickly ate some ham and mashed potatoes and dashed to my room. The relatives were coming over any minute and I knew I had to find a way to avoid my little cousins. I sat in my room reading for a couple hours while I heard nothing but screaming, running, crying, and the X-men theme song on full blast. Finally when the chaos subsided the first thing I did was go to check on the playstation and luckily my sis distracted them enough they never got a chance to touch it. On friday, which was International Sinkie day for you uneducated people, I just sat around all day chatting and stuff. But then when i read Loki's blog I was shocked at what I read. I just froze there thinking. I walked to my room and layed looking at the ceiling thinking deeply. I then got back online a little later and talked to Loki for a bit and asked her about what I read and had some inspiration and wrote about who judges our lives. I don't want to say exactly how she inspired me but when she read it she said that "No yahoo can show how Im feeling right now" I didn't know that it would have such an effect but it really made me feel great that she liked it so much. I was just so glad we could be so open to each other. Saturday I went to help at the Kung Fu garage sale. There weren't that many people that came in. We gave away some books a couple T.V.s and a doll or 2 but I don't thing we made much. The people that came to help just sat around reading kung fu magazines and talking. We had a couple arguments about honor on the street because my way of thinking is if someone attacks you do whatever you can to get them on the ground so my first action would be kick them in the groin. Another guy who used to be a fencer said that if you do that the other people attacking you would just fight harder knowing that you would make such a cheap shot. We then talked about anime, made some opinions about what we read in the kung fu magzines and ordered some pizza. I then oredered some Escrima sticks from the catalog and went home. The rest of my weekend and monday were just boring as usual and for some reason I can't get back to writing my storys. Anybody got some advice for writers block?

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