Wednesday, November 10, 2004

First entry (and me with out my marshmallows)

Well first entry i guess so ill start off with a plee for help. If anybody is reading this I need help writting a letter to this girl that I like. Long story short she lived near me,we were friends,she moved to a diffrent state,we are really good friends and I call her sometimes and she calls me we chat online that kinda stuff. Ok I have no idea what to write. I was thinking maybe a poem or my random thoughts that are running through my mind. If anybody has any suggestions go ahead and contact me. Well anyway to the diary part i guess. Today just a boring day. In gym i got pelted with volleyballs in dogeball,i had a test in english i think i flunked,my gym teacher called the class boners,and i had the same song stuck in my head for 2 weeks. DAMN YOU BANANA PHONE! But at least one of my friends said he'd buy my some marshmallows and I ordered a band hoody. My nicknames lemming!!! WHOOHOO! (sorry if i sound kinda strange im deprived of marshmallows)

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