Friday, November 12, 2004

update/diary entry

I have created diffrent blogs for my diffrent storys so that my pages are more organized. My friend amber just created a short story about me that you might want to check out at her page. She decided since I was putting her in my story she would make a story about me so go ahead and check it out. I'm currently woking on my new story Were-dracu-stein-reaper. Since I did lemmings versus penguins awhile ago you can see how I've improved sorta. It actually took me less time to make w.d.s.t.r. than it did LVP and its alot longer. Well anyway time to quit advertising my storys and get to the blog entry. Yesterday my sister and I watched Final Destination 1 and 2. It really kinda gets you thinking that you could die at anytime in some sorta wierd way. Like when the news van eplodes causing the barb wire fence to fly at some guy and cut him up like a pizza. See when I die, I don't want to just die in my sleep. I want it to be some insane accident like getting hit by a meteor the size of a golf ball or getting mauled by a rabbit or something else that people thought was impossible untill it actually happens. No that I'm saying I want to die its just I want it to be one of those deaths that really make people think. Shifting gears a little bit here, I dont get people who commit suicide because their boyfriend or girlfriend left them. I mean what a stupid reason to die. Its like when the cops keep some guy from jumping they ask "Why did you try and kill yourself?" and he says "Well my girlfriend turned out to be a cheap whore so I decided theres no reason to live" "Come on thats no reason to kill your self theres plenty of other whores out there for you! You just gotta know where to look." I mean its just plain stupid. If your girlfriend or boyfriend decides to leave you its their choice and theres no reason to get mad. The only real reason to be mad when you break up is if it turns out the other persons been cheating on you and you find out. But if they actually tell you their cheating on you then break up and at least stay friends. Ok enough of my ranting im gonna go watch some saturday morning cartoons. And yes I still watch cartoons. My motto is you have to act like a kid while you still are a kid. Also I believe in the saying your as old as you feel so that means Im gonna be trick or treating untill the day I die!
(update: I forgot its friday *smacks head* Whenever I have a extra day off school I think its saturday. But im still gonna watch cartoons!)

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