Monday, July 04, 2005

Merry 4th of July!

The last couple of days the annual 4th of July flea market has been held at Lake Sacajewea (i think thats how you spell it...its the same name as that indian girl Lewis and Clark took with them) and my kung fu academy has a booth down there which people can sign up to volunteer at. I've gone to it a couple times and its actually pretty fun. Everybody just sits back, talks, drinks pop and occasionaly give out flyers. The first day my friend Zac, his girlfriend Kelly (who's also my cousin),my friend Marty, and Sifu were there and nothing much happened. We had the body bags out and people came around to punch them and after a while Zac and Kelly decided to get something to eat (after Kelly tested her blood sugar) and just left Sifu, Marty and I there untill Sifu decided to leave also once they came back. Kelly had a burger and Zac already drank his MD (dang...I wanted to steal some). Kelly kept complaining about how her burger was crappy and then Zac started telling these really gross jokes just to bug Kelly who was like "I'm eating here!". Marty told some of his odd storys about the things he's done and offered to make ninja masks out of an extra shirt. (One time his mom gave him money to get his hair cut but he was hungry and spent it on McDonalds. So too keep his mom from finding out he had his friend shave his head for him) When my shift was over, I decided to stay because my friend Ean (I'm not sure how to spell his name.) had the next shift along with 2 of his sisters. Me and Ean decided to practice some jujitsu on the grass next to the booth when we got bored. The first round we both got each other in the same headlock side by side and I could just barely say "Lets call it a tie." and then the next one I locked him in the most perfect guard I had ever done. Later we did some kicks on the body bags to show some stuff to people and I did #2 form (the form that got me the nickname Eric 'intensity') Then after a while I tried to kick the dummy in the head but I slipped and my ribs hit the hard plstic base. ow >.<>.> your just sitting on their chest. Although....we did get some strange stares from passing by people...) We caught our breath, walked back to the booth and watched Rodney play with his frisbee yo-yo thing. It was a frisbee with stretchy string in the middle and you throw it and try and catch it when it comes back although knowing Rodney, what happened was not a surprise. Now let me tell you about Rodney before I go on. Rodney is of course in Kung Fu with me and has an interesting reputation. Everytime he comes to class he somehow gets hurt in someway whether it be by someone else or himself trying to do one of his strange stunts. Hes almost shattered the mirror, hes been rammed head first into the wall, hes been poked in the eye, hes been sat on, you name it, its happened to him. So of course hes playing with his frisbee thing...and he gets hurt. Hurt soo many times I actually decided to keep score.
he hit himself in:
  • the face/head 9 times
  • knee 8 times
  • spine 2
  • stomache 8
  • groin 13 (he beat his record!)
  • hit 6 people
  • and strangled himself 3 times

You think he would learn after the 15 minutes >.> or...hour. Even after he headbutted it and nearly snapped it in half he just taped it and started playing with it again. Our fun died down once Rodeny eventually put away his frisbee yo-yo and we ended up stuffing ice down each others shirts since thats all that was left in the ice box. Not many people came around that day since someone had stolen the body bags during the night. Even though Sifu said "Naw. Nobodys gonna steal em! Their so heavy and theres security." but loe and behold! their gone the next night. Now thats ironic.

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