Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just another poem

This is a poem I decided to write just cause I felt like it =P not all that great but I wanted to try out this new rhyming dictionary thing.

your walking down the street
you run into someone you know from a track meet
they called you a slug
looking all so smug
as their friends laughed along
making them fell like they belong
they act all chummy chummy
as if their your buddy buddy
as if the their prods and pokes
were just simple harmless jokes
as if your personality
was just a technicality
they “mess around”
as if your the biggest joke in town
but when their alone
they go ahead and change their tone
like everything they ever said to you
was all just untrue
they do it to be cool
playing you as the fool
putting you down
just so they can be clown

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