Thursday, July 28, 2005

humor within the heart attack

Burger Kind really is crazy with the "have it your way" slogan. They're all about you having the freedom of having your food any way you want but where do they draw the line? I mean they say "have it your way" as in anyway you want yet they don't have beer, cookies, chocolate bars, deepfried boots, purple mustard, duck, lemon pie, those toothpicks with the little colorful plastic on the end, good old american escargo, or any of the other numerous things that are good on a burger other than lettuce, pickles, ketchup and whatnot! I mean if they wanted it to let us have it OUR way, the least they could do is have more of a choice than burger, chicken, and potatoes. But their ideas have spawed a couple good laughs in their advertising and such. On the back of my french fry box (I suggest they create a new box for frys though cause alot them spill to the bottom of the bag when getting home ><) it says "You have the right to dip these fries in ketchup or mustard or a vanilla shake if thats what turns you on. You have the right to stuff them in your sandwhich or stack them like the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln. You have the right to have these fries you way, even if that means eating them like a normal human being!" (one more thing. LOKI IS COMING TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does a lil dance*)

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