Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Well 4th of July was a let down. My dad lost the launcher to the big fireworks he had bought the pervious year and since we had those my mom only bought one pack of some cheap wal mart fireworks. This year I didn't feel like watching the neighbors, I just felt like there was no real point. I stayed up till after midnight because outside it sounded like a war zone. If I had to estimate how much each of my neighbors spends on fireworks I would guess at least 1,000$ because those things were fucking loud >.< and we had just about 20$ worth of fireworks.

Well something slightly awkward happened while my dad was setting off the fireworks. I was telling my mom for about the millionth time that I was not hitting on 3 sisters at once and then Amanda says "Oh! One time I was talking to Kirstin and she was like 'Guess who I like?' and I said 'who?' and she said 'Your brother! But don't tell him.' " So at this point I'm sitting there slightly confused. A girl.....that I have known for about 6 months but have not talked to till recently...has a crush on ME?....Then my mom says "You should go out with her. Who knows if you'll ever even see Loki." But then here comes my o so loving sister "I told her she would be better off dating a llama. I don't want one of my friends going out with him!" v.v yeah...see why I say that 'brothers annoy their sisters and sisters spread rumors to make sure their brothers never get a date'? I mean I probably won't go out with her because I already like Loki (Plus that would be awkward going out with her for 3 weeks then Loki comes and it's like "Meet the girl I have loved for almost a year and have been counting down the days one by one until I could see her!), but does she really have to say that I am less date-able than a llama!? If I never met Loki I would have gone out with Kirstin in a heartbeat just to spite her for that! (I mean shes cute and nice and all but...still a LLAMA!?) Now back to my moms comment. Loki IS coming and I DO love her. We may not have a normal relationship but I'm willing to put in the energy and time until we can...somehow. Who knows what the future will bring and all I can do is hope for the best. I'm just gonna hold and and see what happens and hopefully someday things will be diffrent...

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