Saturday, December 04, 2004

Part 1:Midgets and peanut butter dont mix

This is a conversation I had with some friends on Yahoo messenger. I was a little stranger than usual and hyper. Trupaokl is me, electric_pretty_kitty is my friend Amber, Arykoneko is my friend Taka, and Kyael_san is still a new friend of mine and this is the way I wanted to welcome him to my circle of insane friends. This is going to be a three part thing and I'll put the next part up each day. And I know we have bad spelling and make no sense what-so-ever sometimes but try to follow along. I have not edited this conversation in anyway except for the spacing and the text at the very top and bottom of this entry.

trupaokl: LOOK FUZZ!
electric_pretty_kitty: ok what do you want this time
arykoneko: -blinks-
electric_pretty_kitty: i told you i aint got the stuff
kyael_san: O.o
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
electric_pretty_kitty: o.o
trupaokl: hey i told u to bring it to the peir
electric_pretty_kitty: i know but
trupaokl: i waited a freakin hour!
electric_pretty_kitty: that migdet was squiggly!
electric_pretty_kitty: AND SLIPPERY
trupaokl: the cops almost caught me cause tat damn midget!
electric_pretty_kitty: and you know that much peanut butter can not be good
kyael_san: ... what is this about?
arykoneko: -blinks- h00ba jigga wha?
electric_pretty_kitty: his poor ass
kyael_san: -is lost-
electric_pretty_kitty: BOB will never be the same!
trupaokl: yeah i know im still diggin outta my ears v.v
arykoneko: -hides in the corner- o.o....
electric_pretty_kitty: that poor dog
kyael_san: >.<
electric_pretty_kitty: have peanut butter in your ass?
trupaokl: what u want in on this or sumn kyael?
kyael_san:, sorry I just hate bein called bob
electric_pretty_kitty: welll bob is a dog
electric_pretty_kitty: in the vet
electric_pretty_kitty: because of too much peanut butter
electric_pretty_kitty: and bees
trupaokl: yeah i shoulda bought creamy
kyael_san: thats my grampas name and some people cal me bob.. makes me feel old
electric_pretty_kitty: bees with rabiees
Yahoo! Messenger: arykoneko has left the conference.
trupaokl: guess she didnt want in on the "big one"
electric_pretty_kitty: i know
electric_pretty_kitty: we should do something about here
trupaokl: next time we need a gallon of jelly
electric_pretty_kitty: her*
electric_pretty_kitty: nice and slippery
trupaokl: and some clowns.................
electric_pretty_kitty: but what about the midget?
trupaokl: just give him some makeup
electric_pretty_kitty: the goods have to stay cool in side the midget
electric_pretty_kitty: he cant wear make up--
electric_pretty_kitty: maybe we should talk about this in front of...
electric_pretty_kitty: it...
kyael_san: ... this is interesting n all, but sooo soo sick
trupaokl: ok hide it in the peanut butter and when he has his "fun".....................
trupaokl: yeah we really shouldnt
electric_pretty_kitty: i mean we already said to much
trupaokl: well u know what we have to do
trupaokl: *takes out pepper grinder*
electric_pretty_kitty: ill get the pixie stix
electric_pretty_kitty: *takes out a pixie stix and a rubber duckie*
trupaokl: ok u might feel a little discomfort *takes out peanut butter* but it will be over quick
electric_pretty_kitty: okay 'it" cant remember a thing
electric_pretty_kitty: you got the raccoon?
trupaokl: damn it!
trupaokl: guess well improvise.....
trupaokl: *takes gooses outta pocket*
electric_pretty_kitty: okay that will hurt a little more though
kyael_san: people are wierd
electric_pretty_kitty: SHUT UP YOU@
electric_pretty_kitty: !!
electric_pretty_kitty: GET HIM!
trupaokl: ok the saftey word is bananana fo fanna
kyael_san: *hides*
electric_pretty_kitty: hehehehehe
trupaokl: MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
trupaokl: *prepares the peanut butter* u get his pants!
electric_pretty_kitty: -does horible unspeakable things with a rubber duckie-electric_pretty_kitty: -to his ass-
electric_pretty_kitty: XD
trupaokl: *puts peanut butter on pants and feeds them to the gooses*
electric_pretty_kitty: do you think he can still remmeber?
electric_pretty_kitty: maybe you should get the nails
electric_pretty_kitty: and the golf balls
trupaokl: i knew i shoulda got extra crunchy
electric_pretty_kitty: YOU DAMM FOOOL
trupaokl: ok ill get the tennis balls
electric_pretty_kitty: NOT HARD ENUFF
kyael_san: wtf?!?!
electric_pretty_kitty: GET SOME BASKET BALLS!
electric_pretty_kitty: KYAEL
electric_pretty_kitty: we arent gonna hurt you
electric_pretty_kitty: just do some uuuuuh
electric_pretty_kitty: experiments
trupaokl: they wont sell blenders to minors v.v
electric_pretty_kitty: yes
electric_pretty_kitty: experiments
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
electric_pretty_kitty: just sit still
electric_pretty_kitty: its for uhh nature!!
trupaokl: *takes out probe*yes very still.......
electric_pretty_kitty: nature needs your help!
kyael_san: time for psycho powers usageness! * shoots lightning outta his ass and farts at the same time, making an explosion*
trupaokl: yes or else earth will fall apart!
electric_pretty_kitty: now sit..this is only gonna hurt for like a secound
trupaokl: WTF!
electric_pretty_kitty: but damm
electric_pretty_kitty: wtf is going on!
electric_pretty_kitty: TO MANY FRITOS!
trupaokl: *uses midget as sheild*
kyael_san: let it fall apart, * runs for the hills*
trupaokl: get him tim! *sick midget with peanut butter on him*
electric_pretty_kitty: GO PICKACHUU
trupaokl: *sicks*
electric_pretty_kitty: I CHOOOOOOOOOOSE YOU
electric_pretty_kitty: PIKA PIKAAAAAAAA
electric_pretty_kitty: CHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUU
electric_pretty_kitty: hehe i felt like doing that
trupaokl: *pikachu starts humping starmie*
kyael_san: *opens a can of beans* Don't make me use this!!!
electric_pretty_kitty: OH GOD!
electric_pretty_kitty: -back off-
electric_pretty_kitty: how does he know
electric_pretty_kitty: about the..the beans?
trupaokl: the beans O.O
trupaokl: put down the beans.....
kyael_san: NEVER!!!
trupaokl: u dont know what kinda power your messing with
kyael_san: sure I do
electric_pretty_kitty: -gets to her knees-
electric_pretty_kitty: WHYYY@
electric_pretty_kitty: !!
electric_pretty_kitty: god!
trupaokl: just put them down......
kyael_san: why should I?
electric_pretty_kitty: -wips out a bottle of taco sauce and throws it at kyael-electric_pretty_kitty: TAKE THAT
electric_pretty_kitty: i knew it was a good idea to hold that around
kyael_san: IT BURNSSS!!! MY EYES!!!! *falls to his knees stil holding the beans*
trupaokl: yeah and psychiatrists said it was just cause u worship it tat u carry it around
trupaokl: but it has its uses
electric_pretty_kitty: runs to him throwing dead chipmunks on his face-
electric_pretty_kitty: now he will die!

What will happen next! Will Kyael_san be killed by dead chipmunks? Will Trupaokl find a way to get rid of the doomsday beans that have now been unleashed on this world? What will happen to the midget and his peanut butter! Find out on the next installment of the Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers mini series which is part of the When Insanity Collides series brought to you by Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew! Number one choice of soda among mental patients!

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