Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Im starting a new project

O.k. I'll just give the highlights of my day. Loki drew my this AMAZING picture of a dragon and gave me it as an early christmas present! ^.^ and......Yeah thats pretty much the only interesting thing. I knew I had to repay her somehow so I begged and begged her to let me buy her a present. She finally (not happily) said it was ok but only if it wasn't that big. I looked around a couple stores while my mom went christmas shopping. I couldn't find anything so I'm planing on writing her a letter and a christmas card and writing her something. I don't exactly know what to write about yet but I might have some ideas. I'm gonna try to keep the sappy-ness to a minimum but no guarentees. I'm gonna work on it for a couple weeks and do as many drafts as I can and spend as much time as possible on it. (whatever it is)

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~A Lonliness~Subsided By Sinning~Pleasure~ said...

You did not need to re-pay me DANGIIT! >.< no no no! I still dun't want you to O.o but, I can't say no cause I already said yes....DAMN...I'm now confused... *adds point to ur side* hmmm....origanally! um....yeah... you don't NEED to repay me! U just feel guilty if u didn't...SO :P