Sunday, December 05, 2004

another sappy entry

Some friends beat each other up for the fun of it, some open up to each other, some play video games together, some just like the same band, some don't have anything in common other than they like to talk to each other. There are many diffrent kinds and degrees of friendship. Some you just say hi to as you pass them in the hall while others you talk to for hours on end. Some you dont talk much about your thoughts, only about if you saw the newest episode of simpsons and others you talk about your thoughts about life. Everybody needs a friend they can go to for help or talk to about who's dating who or talk about the news. No matter what kinda friend they are they mean something to you. Some friends you would loan a dollar once in a while and others you would take a bullet for. Everybody needs at least one friend. Some people live their whole life alone saying they are happy about their solitude but on the inside they are sad and lonely. Some kids have 20 friends while others have only 1 or 2. But the kid with only a couple friends could be more happy than the one with 20 because it doesn't matter how many friends you have its the quality of friends thats important. The kid thats really popular has so many friends he can't keep track and focus on building relatinships with their friends because there are so many while the unpopular person has friends that will defend them and always be there for them. It's like that old saying quality over quantity. I have friends that I goof off with, friends I write storys with, friends that help me with homework, friends I express inner thoughts with, and some friends have grown beyond just normal friendship. SUPER FRIENDSHIP DO DO DOOO! Just kidding. I don't exactly have soo many friends that I dont remember their names but I have a few of every kind and each one is as insane as the next and thats what counts. Everybody needs friends and without them many people would be lonley and depressed all their life. I have a couple friends that get into fights (if they're reading this you know who you are) slapping each other, throwing each others books, poking each other in the ribs, arguing about some random topic telling each other to shut up untill I have to step in and tell them both to shut up. But soon after its all over and they swear they're never talking again they just go back to being the best of friends. That is a great display of friendship in a way. Even after constant fighting they are still great friends and don't let much come between them. In fact one of them was threating me thinking I was taking their place. But soon we were all jumping around singing Lifes Gonna Suck When You Grow Up. So don't let little things come in between your friendship with someone. Just try to deal with it and go back to being friends. Just because you have a fight over what movie you want to see doesn't mean you should never talk to each other again.

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