Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last day

Well we are leaving the beach tomorrow. Lucky it finally cleared up since it's been raining soo much. So we did more than just antique shops luckily today, we went and got breakfast at this cool beach view breakfast place, went to the aquarium, and then we went to antique shops lol And then we went off to get dinner at this roadhouse restaurant. I thought I would be daring and try a "flamethrower burger" and asked without the jalapenos but I got the full spicy deal when I got through half and found out they didn't hear that part of the order. Now each time I burp it burns. But then we got back and my sis, mom, and I went for a walk on the beach as the sun kind of sorta started to set. I played in the water as we walked along, splashing and getting wet, my sister stepped her feet in it, and my mom avoided the water at all costs. We just kept walking and I had various thoughts about how walking the beach could be a metaphor. You can look across the beach for such great distances and you can see what lies ahead of you, and it just keeps coming. Even though you walk for hours and hours there's still more to come, still more to explore...but yeah, whatever lol I was assaulted by sand fleas though. When I was little I would run in terror and scream if I saw sand fleas, now I just kind of walk through them as they bounce off my feet. But even still kind of creeps me out on some level...It's like spiders. I'm perfectly fine if I see a spider, I'm just like "Oh look, a spider." but then when I run face first into a web I just kind of claw at my face and then take a showers lol But yeah, can't wait to get back home and hang with people. Andee and Anna are taking me to a renaissance fair ^.^ YAY! It's gonna be butt loads of fun. Knights, swords, horses, girls in corsets, blacksmiths, more girls in corsets....ok, i'll stop being a stupid male lol But I gotta get it out sometimes. Girls are allowed to talk about hot guys all the time and their washboard abs and it just gets shrugged off but guys that talk about boobs once in a blue moon are frowned upon...anyway, yeah lol I guess that shall be enough for now. That's 2 posts in 2 days, craaaaaaaaaaaaazy. I can't think of any other time this has happened, maybe I should like sift through all my posts from the years and check just for the heck of it...or Kelci could for me lol YAY FOR NEW READER! ^.^ Appreciate it

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