Sunday, August 16, 2009

as apposed to an oink cow?

WOOT! New look for the new life of my blog! I guess I'll go ahead and make a bit of an update. (And I'll use paragraphs for once)

So I went to the Renaissance fair on Saturday and it was loads of fun. It was Anna, Andee, Sam, Anna's Mom, and I riding up in the big ol' red monster truck which surprisingly had plenty of leg room. OH! I should explain the cow (yeah, I'm probably not gonna edit this so expect jumps lol) So Andee, Sam and I were driving along and for some odd reason we were talking about cows and Andee said "It's a moo cow" and I said "Is there any other kind of cow?..." and eventually we degraded into arguing and finally she's like "IT'S A FUCKING MOO COW!" And oddly I imagined a moo cow...fucking. So of course from there the conversation moved onto cows raping me...

The moo cow conversation pretty much was a precursor to the conversation that happened in the truck up to the festival. We were just loud and crazy and I was amazed Anna's mom didn't want to kick us out right on the spot. There was a huge mixture of conversations going on so I kind of can't remember off the top of my head what we talked about, but it was pretty special.

The females were all dressed up for the fair. Andee had this very elaborate and fancy shirt with a corset looking kind of vest going on along with a long skirt, Anna had a simple maroon colored dress that Andee hand made for her, and Anna's mom kind of seemed like a hippie but it worked in the end with a green top and long skirt. Sadly Sam and I were not dressed for the fair but we did have fedoras...which makes us awesome.

Part of the fun of people being dressed up is going into restaurants and getting very odd looks. We walked into McDonald's to get some breakfast (it was about 8:30 in the morning at the time) and all the girls in their fancy dresses ordered food and such and the old guys there were kind of checking them out. But we got our food and went on our way.

As we walked to the two lines that were formed at the gates a lady comes over randomly and whispers something in my ear about a zipper. I was really confused and asked her to repeat what she said and she said "Your zipper is undone." So I kind of think about it while I'm walking to the back of the line when it finally hits zipper on the front of my pants was undone. I was all morning, went to McDonald's, and sat in the car for hours without noticing my underwear was on display to all. I'm that awesome.

The first thing that we notice when we made our way into the festival (with all our zippers properly zipped I might add) we notice a blue cat fairy kind of girl who communicated by purring. Everyone that passed by she gave them a tiny colorful pebble without anybody really knowing what it was. Was it a fish pebble?...a piece of candy?........drugs?..........Sam actually tried eating his and we still weren't sure.

Off to the booths we went. There were a lot of clothes of course and Andee was desperately trying to dress Sam and I up because we looked totally out of place but that would involve spending money and I was kind of reluctant since I was trying to save mine. Eventually though Sam got a peasants shirt and a robin hood looking hat. (which we later found out actually has a fancy Velcro pocket INSIDE the hat! GENIUS!)I got some goggles though which I put on Andee's fedora and everyone thought it looked pretty cool so now I gotta buy a fedora of my own lol I've been meaning to but now there's more of an incentive.

There was alot going on that day since it was the last day but we only caught one show which was a cool horse show. But before the horse show was the opening entertainment. There were these two girls (one dressed as a peasant and the other as a jester) and they were insulting people with Shakespearean quotes for a dollar and for 2 dollars you could even get insulted in a verse. Anna's mom was the first customer and I was the first victim. I didn't quite catch it all but apparently I am so dense that light bends AROUND me. I then thought it would be fun to pay them to insult a random person I didn't know and payed them to insult a girl that was sitting right infront of me and she just kind of looked back at me and glared lol good times.

The show it self was pretty awesome, guys doing backflips from one horse to another while going in a circle, standing ontop of each others shoulders while on a horse while going in a circle, juggling 5 sticks while on a horse going in a circle, and lots of crazy things not normally done while riding a horse in a cricle.

In the end Andee ended up buying some daggers (everyone was terrified the way home) and everybody ended up with more stuff and less money than when they entered. So that was my day in a little bit bigger than a nut shell.

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