Saturday, January 15, 2005

there needs to be a stronger word for crappy

Sorry about not posting for a while ive been kinda side tracked by random things. (no big surprise huh?) Well this is possibly the worst week ever. First my friends Ashely and Jeremy get into this huge fight over a random subject like they always do and I get caught in the middle. Then I punch Jeremy playfully and he thought it was Ashely so he punched her in the stomache and complained of a stomache ache and later found outit knocked loose a ulcer. She says its going to kill her and I believed her. Later I found out an ulcer is not deadly at all (yeah im a idiot, I know). Now she's going to transfer to a diffrent school because of Jeremy cause the only reason she came to his school was to be with him and now they hate each other. The band sure was happy. On the day she transfers theres most likely gonna be a party. Personally I am beginnging to notice how annoying she is and its getting on my nerves. She also keeps wanting to buy me stuff and that just annoys me because its always some expensive extravagant gift and I feel guilty as hell. Now sorta steering away from school, turns out my aunt is dying next week. At first they said it was going to be 6 months but it turns out the cancer spread faster than they thought. I never knew her so I'm not effected as much as some other members of my family. My dad sure seems to be taking it well even though it's his sister. He hasn't shown any emotion about it at all. Blandly he says "She only has 1 week to live" then switched on the T.V. He is just keeping it inside and thinks he's too much of a man to care about whats happening. I can't believe I am related to him. We are completely diffrent personality wise but everyone says we look and sound alot alike. So in a nut shell my week was complete shit.

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