Sunday, January 23, 2005

From crappy as hell to one of the best days of my life!!

Loki has done something for me. Something great. I don't want to say what it is because if I did some of my friends might judge her before they meet her. I never thought that someone would ever change what their lives are like just for me. And I thought I felt guilty when I got a present, this is huge guilt. I just ddin't know what to say after she told me. I know I owe her one. (lol it's not that diffrent really cause I would do anything for her anyway) All I can say really is that she was caught up in something that made me constantly worry about her and she quit. I don't exactly know the rules of it and all but she quit friday. I've done things for her like making her smile, telling her there's always hope, being there when she needs someone to talk to, and showing her that I love her. I get emberrased when I talk about love and it's hard to talk to her on the phone (I hope it's not so awkward in real life) but I've been trying to work on those things. But what she has done is greater. She lifted a huge weight on my shoulders, I may feel guilty, but I thank her for that. For those of you who might go to I posted "I love you Loki and I deeply appreciate what you did for me, thank you" on the front page for the world to see. It may be kinda stupid and cheesey but I wanted to do it. I still owe her a couple thousand more thank you's though. Ok now something even greater. LOKI'S DAD IS SELLING HIS COMPANY AND MOVING TO MY TOWN!!! So Loki can stay alot longer than one day. SHE CAN STAY THE ENTIRE SUMMER OR EVEN LONGER!!!! I just can't wait till summer even more than I did before! At first I was worried we might not get to see each other because she was coming only for 1 day and my and dad are planning a trip to Arkansas to visit my grandparents but they don't know when. But now if everything goes as planned then it's gonna be THE GREATEST SUMMER EVER!!!!!!! ^.^

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