Thursday, January 27, 2005

Part 3: Identity Crisis

Now for the long awaited Part 3 of the infamous Dangers of Peanut Butter and Strangers Mini Series!!! Sorry for the long wait but I've been kinda busy lately and forgot to put it up. As I have said before this is a actual conversation and has not been edited in anyway except the amount of exclamation marks and some spacing. Prepare for the long awaited ending. Heres a tip, read the other parts first so you can actually get a idea of wtf we're talking about. But theres no guarntee you'll understand it at all even if your either really high or have a thing for rubber rooms.

electric_pretty_kitty: eww
kyael_san: oh yea? *rips of all of trupaokl's clothes* he's just a head on a robot bodie! that has absolutly NOTHIN down there
electric_pretty_kitty: ...this got really disturbing reallllly fast
kyael_san: lol
electric_pretty_kitty: well if he is a robot he doesnt need anything down there does he?electric_pretty_kitty: because robots cant feel
trupaokl: *pulls off robo skin and turns out to be a bunch of lemmings*
kyael_san: well no but my point is he cant get the pleasure of doin it
kyael_san: lesbo is better than nothin dontcha think?
trupaokl: hey i can still get surgery!
electric_pretty_kitty: omg
kyael_san: and what if it malfunctions inside her?
electric_pretty_kitty: OH MY GOD
kyael_san: or explodes
electric_pretty_kitty: AAAAAAAAAAAACK
electric_pretty_kitty: OH MY GOD IM NOT HEARING THIS
trupaokl: who said im gonna do her shes too......................
electric_pretty_kitty: my por littl emind
electric_pretty_kitty: O.o
kyael_san: no your just reading it
trupaokl: fat...........
electric_pretty_kitty: i know
electric_pretty_kitty: O.
electric_pretty_kitty: O.-
electric_pretty_kitty: what?
trupaokl: i mean I NEVER SAID ANYTHING!
electric_pretty_kitty: ARE YOU TALKING TO ME ERIC?!?!?!
kyael_san: he called you fat! woop his robo ass
electric_pretty_kitty: ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!
trupaokl: NO!
electric_pretty_kitty: I HAVE CHIPMUNKS!
trupaokl: i was talking about her! *points to kyael*
electric_pretty_kitty: her?
trupaokl: yeah duh
electric_pretty_kitty: thats a her?
electric_pretty_kitty: and her is that?
trupaokl: he got a sex change 2 days ago
electric_pretty_kitty: ..
electric_pretty_kitty: sure
electric_pretty_kitty: >.>
kyael_san: *turns sideways looks like just a pair of boobs in the air*
kyael_san: I'm skinny as paper wtf you talkin about?
trupaokl: hey its not whats up top its whats down below
trupaokl: the shoes duh
electric_pretty_kitty: -hits the boobs with a baseball bat-
kyael_san: wow that hurts and feels nice at the same time!!
trupaokl: O.o huh?
kyael_san: painful pleasure
electric_pretty_kitty: no
electric_pretty_kitty: being hit in the boobs WITH ANYTHING
electric_pretty_kitty: never feels good
trupaokl: i think shes coming on to u
electric_pretty_kitty: on any level
electric_pretty_kitty: IT IS PAINFUL HEELLLL
trupaokl: come on go to georgia and get married u 2!
electric_pretty_kitty: eww
trupaokl: can i throw the rice!?
electric_pretty_kitty: i like men thank you
kyael_san: really? then why do girls like them rubbed?
electric_pretty_kitty: MEN
electric_pretty_kitty: GUYS BOYS MEN
kyael_san: I LOVE WOMEN!!
trupaokl: wow a foursome!
kyael_san: wait wait wait, did you sa boys? you petifile!!
kyael_san: say^
electric_pretty_kitty: holy crap im getting the fuck out of here before some one rapes me
kyael_san: LMAO
Yahoo! Messenger: electric_pretty_kitty has left the conference.
trupaokl: LMAO!!!!!
trupaokl: im gonna put this on my blog!
trupaokl: hmmmmmmmm ill make it a 3 part piece
trupaokl: part 1:midgets and peanut butter dont mix
trupaokl: part 2:the devious plot
trupaokl: part 3:identity crisis
kyael_san: lmao!!
kyael_san: rtflol
trupaokl: and then the credits
trupaokl: anything u like to say to the world right now?
kyael_san: yes
kyael_san: I wish she woulda stayed, the rape coulda made a part 4
trupaokl: yeah well ummmm i dont think some of the audience would like tat........kyael_san: oh well
kyael_san: you asked for my coment and I gave it
trupaokl: yeah well anyway im planing on doing this again so stay tuned to the station with all the greatest hits The Lemming Man Theater!
kyael_san: lmao
trupaokl: oh and of course i would like to give thx to mountain dew because without them none of this would be possible
kyael_san: whats moutain dew got to do with it?
trupaokl: alot of things my dear boy
trupaokl: alot of things.........
kyael_san: if you say so

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Kyael said...

For the record, I would like to add that I am infact 100% male, and have not got a sex change... although being a lesbian dose sound worth it.... XD