Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Night of Learning

Well my dad finally had a talk with my sister about her converting to Islam. I guess now I've learned why I developed a habit of eves dropping, it's how I find things out that people wont tell me. It just bugs the hell out of me when people don't tell me things that are important or involve me somehow. It's like they can't trust me or think I'm ready for this information. But before I write an entire paper I might as well write this down while it's fresh in my mind. My sister came out of her room crying when my dad finally came home from pool. He was half way through the kitchen when she burst out in tears. Turns out when my mom called from Arkanasas they had gotten onto the subject of driving and soon it progressed to how my mom was becoming emberrased to be seen with my sister in public because part of being a Muslim is that you must cover nearly every part of your skin except your hands and face and my mom thought that instead of hiding herself from the prying eyes on men and their hormones that she was actually drawing attention to herself from every sex and age. She kept asking why my parents cannot except her ideas. But now I know where I have learned to think, it was as if the words that I would have spoke went straight from my mind and out my dads throat. (well except for the refrences to his youth and such. It turns out my dad was once mormon which is pretty much opposite what we have grown up as. For those who don't know mormons are known for going to church every single day of the week but once my dad was eighteen and moved out he hasn't gone to church since. He found it to just be more of a social gathering rather than worship.) There was alot of different subjects flying that they debated over but a couple things did get run over a couple times. My dad said "Your getting to serious way to fast and your letting all of this break apart our family and we can't do anything together." He meant this because in Islam you must pray many times a day and my dad likes to do things with us sometimes but she doesn't want to go because she has to pray. And of course she used some of the oldest and most common teenage phrases "Why can't you just let me do what I want? It's not effecting you." But like I said there was alot going on but the base of it all was like my dad said, she is going way to fast and I would have to agree with that. Lately she has gone Muslim crazy, decorating her room, reading the Qua'rn nonstop, her desktop and my space and every customizable type of electronic medium is decked out in Muslim like an obsessed college kid but with caligraphy, and she already didn't eat meat but her diet hasn't exactly gotten all that much better since converting (Imagine my crappy diet, no fruits or veggies only minus the meat which is basically my only source of nutrients even if they are fattening)and ordering things off the internet like fancy headscarfs and books. I think it really is outside forces, i.e. friends that have gotten her convert. We have had this sort of problem in my family once before but to a lesser extent since it did not effect the entire family as much. She once converted to wicca and she wanted to go to all sorts of meetings and things but my mom wouldn't let her. My sister tried to get her to read a book she had found to maybe get her to understand but my mom never really did even though she said she did. Also one time my mom placed a clothes hanger on my sisters dresser but turns out she had proclaimed her drawers bursting with underwear an altar of sorts and she exploded on my mom. I don't really know what happened with that and all, it just seemed to fade. For a while the pictures of stars and became painted over and now they have reappeared instead as stars and cresent moons. I guess it really is those teenage years of gullibility and confusion that has caused her to hop around from one way of explaining life to another. Also it could have something to do with the fact that three of her boyfriends cheated on her and now she thinks if she hides herself from guys they wont see her as just a woman and as a person which is what the religion believes in but from my point of view, no offense to her or anything, but shes probably just using that as an excuse. I think these friends of hers that she has may not exactly be legitimate since apparently they have tricked her into paying for their international calls or at least I think they have, I was in the other room and it was kind of hard to hear so not all of this may be correct. My dad said "You think you know these people because you have talked to them over the internet but thats not enough." But the thing is in his opinion time is no factor in that situation, thinking no matter how long you talk to someone other than face to face you will never know them and I just have to disagree. Me and Loki know each other extremely well but thats because we have known each other for close to a year 4 months so we have had time. I think that is why my mom wasn't exactly excited about the idea of going to see Loki for a month because I met her over the internet and is using the excuse that she will miss me instead of telling me the truth. I guess that will have to be another conversation for another post but I am more than sure I can persuade her in numerous ways. It's a really good thing she met Loki and they got along well (My mom still thinks its funny how she went "So, Eric's mom! What is up!?") and if our moms talk I know she will be perfectly comfortable letting us get together. Although my dad is a completely different story. He says that I'm too young to get tied up in a relationship and doesn't want me to go. I guess now the only way to go is to get mom to back me up and if she's not 100% set on letting me go then I'm screwed...But all and all I guess I have learned somethings and thats what life is about. Now I'm actually glad I did that religion project and know why we did it in the first place lol.

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~A Lonliness~Subsided By Sinning~Pleasure~ said...

o.o tats sad - ur poor sissy? why would she wanna cover up an all besides the religion - shes real pretty... it seems like a waste of admiration. HEY! Dont diss mormons!!! >.> My whole family's mormons sept me an my mom! Thats actually kinda offending... I covert because I cant make up my mind or I think my religion is a bunch of shit made up by crazy people (lets not get into that) and it offends me that she would use a dresser as an alter... Very offending, (not that either!) But did I really day Wazzap!? Thats imbarassing XD now I feel dumb... But I still think ur dads being a little more then unreasonable, he seems like he's been in a real crabby mood lately, and all. It's just sad... Still - Bunch of hooligans! >.> CHA!!!