Monday, January 30, 2006

Finally sumn positive ^^

I had an awesome day today! It was the beggining of the new semester so all our grades restart and we get new schedules and everything. The only class that changed was swimming so my World History class was moved from 2nd period down to 5th and I now have Aerobic Walking second period. The day started out a bit unlucky though, I was walking to the bus stop and when I got there I remembered that I had Loki's letter in my pocket so I had to go back to my mailbox and mail it but I was just in time for the bus. Of course when I got to school Alec, Brent, and I went to the cafeteria and got our new schedules and I was 3rd in line which was awesome cause right after I got mine the line was half way across the room. We hung out a bit longer till 1st period and turns out my friend Jermey was in my first period which was pretty cool but our friend Stephanie was flipping out because she can't stand our combined "intelligence" but it's easy to tell she's a friend because even if she hates our stupidity she still talks to us and stuff and wants us to be her partners even though she gives us the loser sign the second she sees one of us. 2nd period was cool because all the teacher did was tell us what walking class was about and then we sat around in the gym for about an hour. My friends Brad and Campy (Danny) were talking about computers most of the time so I was completely lost and just listened to my MP3 player most of the time and watched the muscle headed weight training class attempt at playing basketball. 3rd period was math which is my favorite class even though I suck at the class itself. I got some good friends in there but we don't sit at the same table like last semester so we just threw notes at each other that were complete nonsense. Lunch was pretty cool, my friend Molly is back at school now instead of being home schooled and she said hi but she stood in the lunch line most of the time so we didn't talk much. 4th was band and we got a new clarinet player and at the same time one dropped out. The poor soul, all people who drop out of band in high school are cursed to get hit by a bus. But the new girl was going to join the trumpets but hers was in the shop and played clarinet. It would have been cool to get a new trumpet but I doubt she would be all that good. She says she hasn't played since 7th grade and she got braces and as people have told me its hell to play a brass instrument with braces. Mr. Swecker had surgery done on his arm recently and I had heard rumors we would watch the video of the surgery but we didn't ^^ all though he promised us some really graphic pictures of it tommorow. Oh, and he even complimented Ryan and I on how much we have improved over the semester but I wish he could have put it in a better way X.x he said "At first Eric didn't even know what end of the horn to blow through and Ryan couldn't open his case! Now look at them." World History was pretty cool. Jeremy, Stephanie and I are all in the same class again and sit together. Stephanie always complains she doesn't get it but thats because she just sits there drawing pictures of cats instead of doing the reading which is less then 3 pages. It kinda reminded me of 9th grade when we were all in the same math class and had half of the period to do whatever we wanted and there were only maybe 15 people in the class. We decided to restart our old tradition when we finished our work and Jermey and I passed a paper back and forth drawing random crap on it like superman on crack and a flying whale and a giant mouth that was also the sun and inside it was a man with an axe that had bacon on it! ^^ It's odd what we come up with. Biology was just damn boring and I have no friends in there. After school on the bus I talked with Kim and Melinda about stuff and then we look on the ground and theres a girls pad on in the isle XD I point to it and say " that what I think it is?" and she looks and says "Naw" then she looks again and gos "HOLY CROUTONS!" and then when a little kid was getting on the bus he picks it up and throws it away and the bus driver just gives him this look like o.o "ummmm..." lol. When I got home my day got ever better ^^ because Loki had a good day too because she got a uber cool haircut and everybody complimented her on it. I wished we could talk more though...The basketball game was good. This asshole wouldn't leave me alone and I told him to fuck off >.> he just wouldn't shut up, damn annoying show off symphonic band dipshit...It was a girls game so there wasn't many people but it was a good game. We were ahead by alot till the third quarter and they started catching up. But in the end we won by 3 points. Well, thats about it I suppose. ^^ I hope the rest of the week goes as good as this day (except for the lil bad parts, I guess it's impossible to have a perfect day but this was still pretty good.)

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