Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Power of Nothing

The darkness does not consume,
It does not destroy nor blanket,
Only taking place of the light,
Hiding everything and everyone from sight,
The cold embrace of the wind,
Chilling to the bone,
The feeling of being dead,
The emptiness focusing,
Becoming one with you,
and forcing you to face the world,
The absence of joy is filled,
Causing the heart to blacken
As the coldness of the world harden it,
Slowly destroying,
Yet it is nothing,
Only absence,
Collapsing upon yourself,
From the weight of your life,
With no support,
Except from your crushed soul,
As you struggle to support such immense weight,
Sweating under the load,
And wishing to give up,
Not knowing how to deal,
As you cry in the darkness,
Where non can hear nor see,
Wishing for it all to come to an end,
It is the disease of nothingness,
The feeling of being alone,
The feeling of being hopeless,
The feeling of being empty,
There is but one cure,
To brighten the world with a smile,
To warm the heart with a hug,
To fill the emptiness with love,
To love the world and all it offers,
To love the friends that help,care and support you,
To find the strength within you,
A strength that is boundless.
Do not let the nothing take over,
By always keeping light in your heart
And finding the good in your life,
Forever keep something in your heart,
And you can be saved,
Because nothing is fatal....


~A Lonliness~Subsided By Sinning~Pleasure~ said...

This comming from the family which is hunched over my shoulder as I read, they say this is good enough to be published, I think it's great, what gave you the idea?

Eric-ness said...

I was actually inspired after you first opened your new poetry blog. I felt in the mood to write a poem and I was thinking about some of the poems you wrote and thats what came out. lol and for once I think its an ok poem :P its not that great.

~A Lonliness~Subsided By Sinning~Pleasure~ said...

Don't joo argue wit meh buddy-boy! I say it's great cause I think u did great on the great poem cause it's a great poem because I think it's a great poem :P So HAH! (but yeah lol, it's great)