Sunday, May 29, 2005

First Journal entry in a loooooooong time

From now on I think I'll go ahead and keep some journal entrys to give myself something to do when I'm bored beyond belief but I'll probably only do one once every couple days. But now onto current events. This last week I've been wanting to talk to Loki so bad that I felt kinda empty...and today I finally talked to her!! n.n I was afraid to call cause I had no clue whether she was still in washington or in ohio. But we didn't really talk long since it's getting pretty late T.T soooo sad. And since we had such a short time to talk I forgot to ask her something REALLY important. On the 15th of next month my family and I are going to Arkansas for a few weeks. But the problem is Loki said she would come to Longview around the same time, or at least I think she is because her brother was very vague when he tried to explain when she was coming. (please Loki, if your reading this could you tell me when your coming or at least when you think your coming? Your bro said you would be coming in 2 weeks because your lil bro was going to alaska but he didn't exactly say 2 weeks from what.) Well anyways, onto current events.....again. Today I swimming at the YMCA with Ashely. I invited Joel to come along but turns out he was busy and Stephanie was suppose to come to but she didn't show. We mostly just swam around in the little heated pool the entire time and talked. We talked about nothing inparticular and she told me some things that I would have never guessed about my friend Jeremy (mwhuahaha I can't wait to bug him about the time he wore a pink dress to school)What I really like about the smaller pool is it has this cool whirlpool thing that you can float around in circles in but all the little brats were in it so I kept bumping into them. It was pretty fun though and as usual she tried to get me to go to a play but I keep telling her "I can't go to a play! Im not cultured enough! I'd die from the over fancy dialouge!" (cultured.....yogurt) Yesterday at Kung Fu was great. The entire time we did padded stick sparring ^.^ lol it was some of the most fun I've had at a saturday class. He also took aside us people in the demo team and gave us tricks to use against everyone else. After class Sifu started talking about something that's really gotten me thinking. Turns out he was secretly testing us. Whenever one of us walked in the door to the academy he asked "How are you?" and everyone either said "Good." or "Fine." He pointed out that people rarely think about what they are actually saying, they just simply say the first thing that comes to mind and don't give it a second thought. What he was trying to say is that people need to think about what they mean when they say stuff other wise your.....just saying stuff. Kinda makes you think doesn't it? oh! I now officially have a fan club! It's 1 person (other than my friends of course) but that still can be a club! Now to make the club jackets!

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