Tuesday, September 15, 2009

almost there

Damn I am bored to death right now...It's not like I don't have anything to do but rather I don't feel like doing anything. I can't wait till school starts amazingly, yay music classes and tutoring! I'm gonna make min. wage and work like part time but to me that's still a good chunk of money to be making lol most likely to be spent on fast food and video games. I feel kind of bad for Joel with his job. He's been pouring hours upon hours along with more than a hundred dollars for a background check and all the tests he's got to take cost money too, but he hasn't made in money yet. Him and Melinda keep begging me to join their insurance job thing, but what he's going through just shows exactly why I don't want to do it. With my cutco job and what not that sucked enough dealing with my boss and not making sales. But the funny thing, he keeps telling me that you can make sooooooooo much more money in Primerica than Cutco, but I made more in my 2 weeks than he's made in his entire 2 months of Primerica. But he's actually applied himself quite a bit and that's good so it's not all bad.

But I can't wait till school starts for a couple reasons. 1: It gives me something to do during the day and gives me some kind of structure. 2: I can start making money with my tutoring job. But probably what I'm most excited about 3: Girls. I'm tired of sitting around with Melinda and Joel as they get all cuddly on the couch. Not to mention my friend Katie who a mere week or 2 ago said she thought she would never date another guy again is suddenly raving mad about her new boyfriend. Raving mad as in her last 20 posts on facebook are about her freaking out that she hasn't talked to him for an aggonizing 1 hour. All the girls I've attempted at dating this summer have either broke up with me (in the case of Jenae) or rejected me outright. Girls are fun, I have to admit, and I miss that. I want a quality relationship, someone I can talk to is the most important part...And now I'm thinking about how I always just complain in these posts. Maybe that's why people don't really read this...Oh well.

DIFFERENT TOPIC! So I got Scribblenauts today, along with the free rooster hat because I preordered it. So far it is alot harder than I thought it would be. You think being able to type in any object you can think of would make any possible puzzle mind numbingly easy, but that's not the case. I make myself do the challenge level where you replay the same level 3 times only you can't type in any objects you used already. It is HARD. I could spend like an hour on a single level, and this is suppose to be a KIDS game. I think games that look like they are for kids now adays are deceptively frustrating. Sure makes you feel stupid when a game designed for kids outsmarts you.

I'M READING A BOOK! AN ACTUAL BOOK! Wow it's been a long time since I've read an actual book book. I use to read all the time but like alot of things I just stopped doing it one day without thinking about it. But now I'm making a journey through a 1070 page book, and boy is it gonna be a long one. I read around 40 pages every other day lol I'll be amazed if I can have it finished by next month. Plus with school starting next week I have no clue if I'll even read 40 pages a week. But if I finish it I shall be totally proud. It's called Atlas Shrugged by Any Rand. Apparently it's like one of the greatest books ever written and people are crazy about it...I mostly got it because it inspired the videogame Bioshock. But so far I am liking it. I'm at like...140 or 180 pages in. The first 90 pages were really kind of boring to tell the truth, all about the drama that a railroad company is having. But when it actually started to delve into the characters is what sucked me in. Her characters are no where near flat and each of them has their own backstory that defines who they are and gives them a meaning. I'm shit at explaining plot and characters so I'm not even going to attempt, but it can be addicting at times which in my opinion is good. When you start reading and you look up after a couple chapters and notice it's been 2 hours and you still want to read, that's a good book.

Don't ya hate it when you read something but for some reason you start thinking of something but your still reading without paying attention? That's so fucking frustrating. I'm all into the book, something catches my minds attention, I think about it but keep reading, and get completely lost. So then I gotta figure out where the heck I lost track and reread the same part over again. Blarg.

...I need a way to end these, I always just kinda leave it hanging.

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