Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Year book signings!

Well, I'm going to Arkanasa tommorow first thing in the morning for a couple weeks. I will return on the 28th of this month and I get out of school early to go! ^.^ We're gonna go visit my grandparents since my grandpa doesn't have much longer to live. ALso, since there's going to be tons of times when there's absolutely nothing to do I'm going to try and get alot of writing that I said I was gonna do done ^.^;; But on to diffrent stuff...I always hate the last day of school because you don't get to see your friends all summer and some of them you don't see ever again because by next year they move or aren't in any of your classes T.T I'm going to miss so many of my friends and it's going to drive me crazy that I can't talk to ANY of my friends for 2 weeks when I go to Arkansas especially Loki (although I'll try my hardest to steal my mom's cell phone >.>) I have to call Ashely because she calls practicualy everyday to go swimming. But on to year book signings!!

+ROCK ON FOREVER! *rocker dude* -Zymometer (Joe)
+Hi eric - Nathan Sherman
+Noresa Wisdom
+Dude Daniel you...! ha ya! I dont know....
+Hey Eric Band has been great this year except for sweck!! oh well you love being entertained the whole year. Keep it up. See You next year ~chase~ *his phone#* p.s. Speedos will never DIE!
+Eric- You are so beautiful! -Laura Mohan (Mo) <---the o is a 16th note
+Melinda Robinson
+Jim Byman Have a good summer!
+Jeremy Ahrens Why do you care?
+Ahoy matey! Avast, ye swab! I got barnacles on me poopdeck! Have a good summer -Turner (aka Possum)
+Dont kill anyone. Have fun ^.^ Molly Plemmons
+Eric- Hope you do band next year your a really good trumpet player -Ryan Hepler
+~Eric~ I was so happy when I found out I had 2 more cousins at M.M. (that weren't jerks!) You are a total sweet heart and hope you like M.M. good luck next year. <3 Kellie Bjorum PS: Normally I'd say hope to see ya durrin the summer but I get to see ya everytime you come to class!
+Eric- Toontown-Floral Mickey-Toontown-Floral Mickey-Hope you had some fun this year and learned a little somethign as well- Iats (aka mr. Swecker, my band teacher)
+-Eric- Hey! It was fun w/ you in band. Your a real character!-Fudgie
+Hey,you were fun this year but your really mean at sparring & you hurt. Well call me if you get bored, Chaela Bowers *her home # and cell #*

I also had a bunch of people draw pictures in the back and I might scan that and put it up as well after I get back.


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One hundred thousand lemmings can't be wrong.

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