Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hello again.

     Well, another update years since my last one. I was just using this account to post on my friends blog and I figured that I would leave some kind of note for my future self to read. It really feels like when I go over these again that they were written by a completely different person. My latest thing that I wrote on here (although for some reason just saved as a draft and didn't post, probably thinking I would come back and finish it but I should have known better since I practically forget about this blog the second I click away.) was about my now fiance, Emily. The title is what made me click on it and see what it was, "Older Lesbians Seduce Younger Females". That makes no sense and I'm sure it made perfect sense at the time...somehow. In the post we had been dating for only 5 months. It's just crazy to think that we've been dating this long and are now engaged and all.
     But yeah, looking back at these posts it feels like a time capsule of sorts. Seeing my younger self, mostly complaining about girls it seems, and seeing how I've changed over time. I think I have pretty much kept mostly the same, but of course my perspective might be a bit biased. Well here's an update for my future self since apparently he's the only one that reads this (along with about 12 french people within the past couple days for some reason...weird). Going through college still, hopefully finishing up my B.A. in math this year. Differential Equations is hell, mostly because of the teacher. He assigns ass-tons of homework, very difficult tests, and at one point even yelled at our whole class for not working up to his standards. Luckily Discrete Structures is a freaking breeze, there are times when I know that I know more than the teacher on certain subjects. Not that she's not a good teacher or anything, I think there are just some parts of the class that aren't in her wheelhouse, so to speak. But she is definitely knowledgeable with the computer science related things. Mathematical Computing, show up to class and get an A, pretty nice. His french accent is a bit hard to interpret sometimes and when he says
"conquer" it comes out as "con-queer", but good guy and the whole programming thing this is indeed interesting. And finally, Modern Algebra. It's like the hardcore proofs class I took last semester, only more of an intro level. Really wish they would have switched those classes around but that's what I get for being a guinea pig for a major that doesn't exist yet.
     Overall I can't really complain about life. Emily has been a bit depressed lately, hating her job and wanting to move out, but I try my best to console her and show her that I love her. Hopefully in the next couple years when I read this again we shall be moved out, but who knows. It's interesting to wonder what I will be like when I read this again years down the line. Hey, remember that spring break that you decided to jog every day and practice the accordion? Are you master of the accordion yet? Or is it just collecting dust now? I wonder if that makes you feel guilty. Oh well. Let's go ahead and end with something for the frenchies.

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