Sunday, November 27, 2005

Homework, broken toes, cowboy hats, deep thoughts, pants, and Ska!

Yeah I haven't really written anything for a while, too much school x.x I got a HUGE project for world history on the five main religions Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism. It's worth more than half my grade. If I may quote Mr. Neimi "If you skip this project you will be guaranteed to fail." And I haven't started it yet soooo....I need to get my ass on gear. I haven't been as creative as I was in the summer or even last year during school. This year I've just been struggling more and more pressure and at the same time I happen to be more lazy. But aside from school everything has been fine. At kung fu I screwed up my toes though. One day I sprained my left big toe and then a day later I popped my right big toe, then a week later when the right when felt better I kicked the floor at kung fu and hurt my right one again! Gaaaa...It's annoying. Lets see...I opened a My Space account and kinda gotten into it lately I suppose. Oh, and interesting enough I promised that I would be Loki's puppy on a leash for a day so that she wouldn't feel bad about me using the picture of us standing together. She was originally gonna have me wear a cowboy hat and there was no way in hell I was going to wear a cowboy hat if I could help it and I didn't want to take down the picture, so I offered to be her puppy instead and she pounced on the idea. But ya know, I'm not complaining =P it might be kinda fun actually and it's alot better than a cowboy hat...but of course pretty much anything is in my book. There's something I find funny that my friend Brittany does sometimes. She asks how Loki and I are doing and well everytime I say "It's going good." because well, we've never had any major problems or fights when I think about it. And I suppose that kinda got me to thinking "Why do we never fight or get mad at each other?" I can't really explain that all that well...We just understand each other I guess. Maybe thats what love is, just knownig each other and loving every aspect of one another. But I'm trying not to elaborate on such things in those post. But if anyone wants proof to how much I love Loki (and well I don't really know if this is making me any more less of a guy...) but...I bought and wore a pair of jeans x.x and if you knew me you would know how big that really is for me. I have never one jeans a day in my life. (well, now I have, but still just one day so far) From preschool - 5th grade I wore nothing but sweatpants and then from 6th grade to now (which is 10th grade) I have worn nothing but cargo pants. But of course I'm not gonna make jeans a 24/7 thing (because I can't stand to sleep in them) but I'll wear them every now and again if I feel like it. (Actually one time I planned on trying to wear nothing but pj pants untill college but my dad soon put a stop to that plan when he went on about pride for some reason and threatend to ground me if I wore them to school ever again) But ya know =P as long as Loki keeps her end of the deal up I'm at least sorta fine about it. I also got some boxer briefs because i needed more underwear and wanted to try sumn other than breifs (and they are fairly comfortable actually, but enough but my clothes. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much info) Anyways, shifting subjects, I have really been getting into this type of music called Ska lately. I did some research on it to really find out what it was and this is what I came up with. Ska is pretty much a form of reggae that has evolved and added different aspects of diffrent styles into it. The drums have a sort of swing feel to them, the guitars accent on the offbeats, drums accent on the 2nd and 4th beats, and the types of instuments in the average ska band are trombones, trumpets, saxophones, and (in 3rd wave Ska) electric guitars. There are three types of Ska: classic, two tone, and 3rd wave. Ska is said to have influenced punk rock and actually a few punk rock bands incorparte it directly into their music. It is said that Ska is basically the polar opposite of emo and is always happy and bright, but from my experience (which isn't much) I would agree that music wise it does seem pretty peppy but the subject matter of the lyrics aren't exactly all that happy sometimes. (except for the Aquabats, their all about strange offbeat things like "Pizza Day" or "Super Rad") But ummm...yeah I have too much free time I should rather spend on my project. A while ago I have started on a short story that may turn into a running series called "Piehead and Poser" but I haven't finished yet and so far it seems kinda choppy...I need to work on my transitions, I'm getting kinda rusty. But well anyways, till next time kiddies! (sorry if there are any typos, I'm trying to type this without my contacts in cause they have been burning my eyes today)

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